Stay Calm Flower Essence

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Our calming flowers calm anxious states of mind and soothe specific fears.  Calms nerves, stops obsessive thinking patterns, instills courage and relaxes the overactive mind.  This is a 1 oz bottle that should last you at least a month.
Stay Calm Flower Essence may help with:
  • Calming the "fight or flight" response
  • Giving optimism, gladness, courage, and enthusiasm
  • The ability to face difficult situations
  • Facilitating deep natural relaxation
  • Removing fear so revelation can surface
  • Dealing with intimidations, shyness, and public speaking nerves
  • The ability to put opinions, thoughts, and ideas out there without fear
  • The ability to see the bigger picture
  • Prevent panicking
  • Stopping mental merry-go-round of unwanted obsessive thoughts

"Stay Calm has been a lifesaver for me, and has really helped me transition to a healthier lifestyle, and a more calm and balanced demeanor. I used it daily at first, and now have been able to taper off to just when I feel I need it."  ~ Cynthia Abney


The king of all the anti-anxiety flowers, Yellow Monkey Flower (mimulus) works on any known fear. If you can name what you are scared of, look no further than Yellow Monkey Flower.  It calms the fight or flight response and releases us into greater levels of joy and curiosity.
Black Currant deals with a plethora of fear-based issues; fear of risk, fear of change, fears of abandonment, death or generalized anxiousness.  Those who have trouble moving forward in life, who can't let go of the familiar to take hold of something new can benefit from Black Currant.
Borage flower essence's action is strengthening and supportive of change, allowing one to trust in higher guidance.  It imbues the person with optimism, gladness, courage and enthusiasm.  Borage should be used for any situation that is difficult to face, or when you need a sense of safety or courage. 
Lemon balm facilitates a deep natural relaxation.  It eases the velocity of the mind, helping you slip into an alpha state more easily.  Lemon balm also moves anxiety out so that revelation can surface.   Calming to fears and helps to regulate the sleep cycle.  There may be worry over something obvious or over something lurking in the background of the mind.  Either way, Lemon Balm helps to release those, usually through dreams.
Trumpetvine assists in speaking with confidence and fluidity, broadcasting your personality through a megaphone.   Helps with intimidation and shyness, public speaking anxiety or just fear of putting your opinions, thoughts or ideas out there. 
Shasta Daisy helps you see how everything fits together into a big picture.  Helps you pull pieces of disconnected information, ideas and concepts together into one cohesive whole.  Shasta Daisy assists with compartmentalized emotions as well as thoughts, helping us to reintegrate and become "whole" rather than shutting down or sectioning off feelings that we could not deal with. Being able to see the big picture can reduce fear.
White Chestnut stops the mental merry-go-round of unwanted obsessive thoughts.  If you keep imagining the worst possible scenarios, reliving bad past experiences to add to your anxiety, White Chestnut can put a damper on that. 
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

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