Black Currant Flower Essence

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Black Currant deals with a plethora of fear-based issues: fear of risk, fear of change, fears of abandonment, death or just unexplained fears and anxiety. We especially recommend this in situations of upheavel of working with soul splits, alters and fragments. Those who have trouble moving forward in life, who can't let go of the familiar to take hold of something new, can benefit from Black Currant. 

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle


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Stay Calm - a mix of anti-anxiety flowers that help with a range of situations. 

Peace for Pets - Black Currant is used to help anxiety in animals, particularly with fireworks or thunderstorms.

New Home - an essence blend for pets who are transitioning to a new home or new family or both! Black Currant is there to help them navigate unfamilar territory and feel a bit more secure.