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Travel Size Bouquet Blends

Travel size bouquet blends. This is a 1 dram or 1/8 oz dropper bottle which will last you around a week. Use the Dropdown menu to select. Fits perfectly in our travel essence cases.    Align Flower Essence helps those who are dealing with...

Flower Essence Starter Gift Set

  Everything you need to get started with flower essences. Gift set includes: Travel Case for 3 travel size bottles 3 Travel Size Flower Essences Flower Power book Flower Essences Choose From: Align Flower Essence helps those who are...

Flower Essence Travel Case

  Want to take your essences with you on the go? Or need an easy way to give the gift of flower essences? -Travel cases can hold 5 sample size bottles -You can order travel sizes of the bouquet blends to fill up your case or order empty...