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Custom Combo Flower Essence

Flower essences can help with virtually any emotional problem you may be having. Sometimes it's not that easy to just "get over it" or "think positive". You need a little help to break free of the old patterns. Flower essences can speed the healing...

Bravely You Flower Essence

This essence helps you stand in your individual identity and be more comfortable being yourself, especially if you feel like you’ve always had trouble fitting in.  Bravely You Essence may help with: feeling uncomfortably different from...

Flower Essence Starter Gift Set

Not available in South Africa, Australia or the UK Everything you need to get started with flower essences!  Gift set includes: Travel Case for 3 travel size bottles 3 Travel Size Flower Essences Flower Power book Flower Essences Choose...

Bravely You Program

We all want to be authentic, even if we don't know what that means personally. Being yourself is not about standing out, or being different, although authenticity may do that for you. It's about following your own path, going after your own destiny, and...
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