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Flower essences can help with virtually any emotional problem you may be having. Sometimes it's not that easy to just "get over it" or "think positive". You need a little help to break free of the old patterns. Flower essences can speed the healing process along.  

A custom blend is far superior to buying a Bouquet Blend that isn't quite what you need it to be. Ordering a Custom Blend may also save you money over buying several bottles of different essences to get what you need.

Additionally, we often use flowers in custom blends that aren’t available in the pre-mixes, because they are very specific to unique problems and the Bouquet Blends are formulated to help a wide range of people. 

How It Works:

  • You choose either a phone or an email consultation. For orders outside the USA, phone consultations will be done via web or phone conferencing with international number.
  • You discuss your most important problem that’s at the forefront of your life right now.
  • Seneca will create a proposal for a custom blend of up to seven individual (not blends) flower essences. 
  • You'll look this over in an email, and will need to finalize or ask for a revision before we create your blend. 
  • When you give us the “ok” we’ll make up your bottle and ship it out. You’ll also get a sheet with the attributes of all the flowers used. 


  • What's better, the email or phone consultation? Is the phone consultation more expensive because it's better?
    Seneca's process is the same either way. It all depends whether you prefer talking or typing to express your needs. The phone consultation costs more because it takes time and scheduling that the emails do not. Email is almost always faster.
  • Is the custom combo included with the consultation?
    Yes, the purpose of the consultation is to make your custom combo. The price includes your custom blend and the consult. Unless you choose the reorder option which just includes the combo without consultation. 

  • If I do the phone consultation, do I have to give you my email?
    Yes, after your call with Seneca will get an email to look over the essences Seneca chose and approve or disapprove them. If any essences need to be switched out, that will be worked out through email. If you share an email with an abuser, this is not a safe option for you, you will need your own private email address.

  • Can I get a consultation without the combo?
    No, you probably need a talk therapist, not Seneca. 

  • What happens in a consultation?
    We don't make this any more complicated than it needs to be. Seneca does not have any kind of exciting or elaborate system. There is no muscle testing, divination, or standard interview questioning. You talk and she listens and maybe asks a few clarifying questions. This is not an inner healing session. 


If you would like to buy one of these, please read the following carefully. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms.

  • You agree to provide an email address that you actually own and check. 
  • If booking a phone consultation, you agree to give us your phone number and not write “N/A,” or “private.” 
  • You agree to respond within 5 days of making your purchase. If you cannot respond within 5 days, your order will be canceled and you’ll receive store credit so you can try again at a more appropriate time for you.
  • You agree to actually communicate to the best of your ability what is bothering you. Listing emotions without any context will not get you an effective blend. 
  • If you are new to essences, you agree to educate yourself through one or more of the many channels we’ve made available. Consultation time will not be used to explain basics of what essences are, what your dosage should be, etc. The very best way to learn is to be on our email list. Here is another resource. And another here
  • Essences can stir stuff up. We make no guarantees that you will not experience emotional upheaval or healing crises. Again, please educate yourself (see above point) to learn to recognize and mitigate these occurrences. 
  • Custom combos are non-refundable once we've started the process, meaning the consultation has been done. 

Ordering for Another Person: 

If you are ordering a custom combo for another adult (your own children over 18 are adults) it is best for them to be part of the process and for the consultation to be with them. If you were planning on spiking their drink with the combo, please read this before deciding to move forward with that plan. Gift Certificates are the best way to get another person a custom combo as it allows all the communication about the combo to go to them instead of you and says to us that this is voluntary and won't be an uphill battle getting them to talk to Seneca. Order a gift certificate here. If you'd like to order a blend for your pet, use this order form. 

Refunds and cancellations:

Custom combo essences are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your phone appointment, it won’t be a problem, just let us know. If you need to cancel completely, we will do a refund in the form of store credit. If you would rather have it refunded to your card, we’ll deduct 6% to cover the transaction fees that we have to pay for. If you go through the consultation process, and decide you don’t want your essence, you’ll get $35 plus your shipping cost back. Our return policy for non-custom essences is over here

To get started, go ahead and purchase, and Seneca will be in touch shortly to go over your needs.


This is a 1 oz blend that should last at least a month.

We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds


Other Freedom Flowers Practitioners

Here are some other practitioners who have gone through Freedom Flowers' training. You'll need to book with them directly on their websites.

Leah Lesesne, MA - Shelemah

As a counselor, I love how flower essences work as a gentle support to inner healing and emotional health, especially when words just don't touch the hurt. For many of my clients, flower essences are the tipping point they need towards breakthrough! I offer flower essence consultations as well as private and group inner healing sessions.  

LaKishia Peterson - Flower Power Ministries

With sought out prayer and counseling with The Holy Spirit, I have come to learn emotional healing with flowers. I am currently a student at the American College of Healthcare Sciences where I am majoring in aromatherapy. I have trained with Freedom Flowers on how to be most effective in my consultation sessions with flower essences. I look forward to meeting with you and showing how gentle deliverance and healing is possible.


Rebecca Rumpf - Tuning Fork Flowers

 I have felt deeply connected to the natural world since childhood, and I love collaborating with the energy of plants and water to create the potential for healing and restoration. I have spent over a decade practicing Taoist methods of energy healing & meditation, and have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for nearly 20 years (teaching for 12 of those years). A cornerstone of my work as a flower essence practitioner is a deep reverence for life and the Divine energy that is always available to us.