Flower Power: Essences That Heal Book

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Flower Power: Essences That Heal is a practical guide that reveals the power of flower essences to heal emotional imbalances in humans (and their pets!).
Flower essences can…
• Help you move past fears and self-limiting beliefs
• Help alleviate or eliminate trauma (including PTSD) and depression
• Propel you to achieve your goals
• Improve your relationships 
• Diffuse stress, anxiety and anger
• Contribute to healthy spiritual development, and much, much more!
Concise, easy to read and understand, Flower Power: Essences That Heal is an excellent introduction to essences—and an indispensable reference for experienced users. 
With compelling, intuitive information on more than 100 flower essences and sections addressing trauma, physical healing, and fulfilling your destiny, this handy guide will help you embrace and employ the potential of flower frequencies to help restore the balance and symmetry of an robust, vibrant and satisfying life.
Need the Kindle Version?  It's available on Amazon.  You can also read the first chapter via the "Look inside this book" feature.
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