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Effortless Emotional Healing For People and Pets

What Can Essences Do For You?

Heal Negative Emotions

Our essences help with the emotional components of anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, negativity and so much more! Flower essences can very specifically get to the root of old wounds, limiting beliefs and negative thinking, in an effortless way.  

Instigate Spiritual Growth

Tap into the spiritual realms more efficiently by dealing with the common blocks that close us off. Essences don't impart spiritual gifts, but help you get out of your own way to bring out what's latent within you.

Strengthen Identity

Essences can help solidify and help you be the best version of yourself in all situations. Childhood conditioning and wounding move us out of our real identity. Flower essences are a way back.

Help You Reach Goals

Need to stop procrastination, self-sabotage, or gain a little more confidence to tackle the next big thing? We've got you covered!

Popular Essences

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Free Flower Essence Mini Course

This 7 Day Flower Essence Beginners Course is delivered through email and designed to be everything you need to know to get started using essences for yourself, your family and your pets! You'll also get our regular newsletter.

  • Bouquet Blends
  • Divine Gem Essences
  • Divine Sound Essences
  • Pet Essences
  • Customized Blends

Bouquet Blend Flower Essences


Our easy-pick blends that cover many common issues. These are our most popular and economical choice!

Unlike doing the research, buying individual essences and combining them yourself, or paying for a custom bottle with a consultation, these are a convienient way to get started with your healing.

Pick one out here!



Divine Gem Essences


These essences were made from gemstones that Michael C King, author of Gemstones From Heaven has had supernaturally manifest. This phenomenon, known in some circles as "apportation", is essentially something teleporting from another dimension. You can watch a Facebook Live about this here.

By partnering with Freedom Flowers, the healing frequencies were extracted and preserved so they could be shared with the world.


Divine Sound Essences


What's a sound essence?

A sound essence is water that has been infused with the memory of music, words, declarations and/or intent. Del Hungerford, our sound essence engineer creates music essences from certain instrumental songs. During the creation process of the music, she puts combines intent with placing water on her keyboard while spontaneously “composing” the song.

Once returning home from the studio, she plays the music for several hours and often days (continuously) with that same bottle of spring water on top of the speakers while praying over iit in her prayer language or declaring the healing properties of that song over the course of creating the essence.


Pet Flower Essences



Flower essences are a great option for helping dogs, cats, birds, horses, pretty much any animal! Whether you have an adoptee with a traumatic past, or one who just doesn't like it when you go to work, flower essences can help.

Custom Flower Essence Blends

A custom blend is far superior to buying a Bouquet Blend that isn't quite what you need it to be. Ordering a Custom Blend may also save you money over buying several bottles of different essences to get what you need. Bouquet Blends are also formulated to help the majority of people, while there are essences that are very specific in their action and therefore not for everybody, however, when they are a match for you, they are very powerful.

After a brief consultation via email or phone depending on your order option, I will create you a custom blend of up to seven individual flower essences in a 1 oz bottle which should last you at least a month. We will focus on one main issue, whatever is bothering you most.

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For fragments, parts, and alters, essences can be a refreshingly gentle form of healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are a form of healing using frequencies to alter negative emotional patterns. Trauma, anxiety, depression, self-limiting beliefs and patterns of negative thinking can all be reversed by using Freedom Flowers. Flower essences do not directly impact the body, but by righting the emotional components that contribute to disease, many find relief emotionally and physically. To get a bigger picture view, check our Start Here page.

Are Flower Essences the Same as Essential Oils?

Short answer, no. Flower essences are made using only the flowers of a plant and is a purely energetic form of healing. Essential oils are made from any aromatic part of the plant and are a biochemical form of healing. Flower essences have no scent and are normally ingested; essential oils are usually applied to the skin. For more on the differences between flower essences and essential oils click here.

How Do You Use Them? 

You simply add a few drops to whatever you're drinking. In most drinks, the taste isn't noticeable. In plain water, it's slightly noticeable but most people think it improves the taste of the water. You can also apply them topically if you'd rather not use them internally. A complete usage guide is included with each order.

Are they Safe?

Yes! Babies, pets, elderly, pregnant or nursing women, people on medications, and people with allergies can all use flower essences. Energy medicine is the only healing modality with no documented cases of harm!

How Long do I have to Take Them?

It depends. Small funky moods change quickly, deeper root problems take time. You may take an essence for a couple weeks and feel so far past that issue that you can't imagine ever feeling that way, or you may need to process through several essence blends to properly deal with an issue. Although the application or ingestion of flower essences takes effect immediately, you'll probably need to take an essence or blend for three weeks to a month to recognize real change. It takes three weeks to learn a new habit, and this is what will be happening. You’ll be reversing recalcitrant, knee-jerk ways of reacting to negative circumstances and replacing them with positive responses. By the time you break this pernicious cycle, the things that used to trigger you will carry less emotional impact. You’ll be better able to respond, as opposed to instinctively reacting in the way a wounded animal does.

How Many Can I Take at Once?

The short answer to this question is 6-7 individual flower essences. A blend already has that many, so only one blend at a time. The longer answer is more nuanced and there are some ways you can stagger what you take throughout the day and take more than one blend. For a longer answer click here or watch the video below

How Will I Know it's Working? / What Changes Should I Expect?

Unless you are pretty self-aware, it's likely that those around you will notice changes before you do. Some common clues are:

  • New realizations
  • Pertinent dreams
  • Changes in the way you look at things
  • Changes in the way you see yourself
  • Peacefulness
  • Positive outlook
  • Release of accumulated tension
  • The ability to remember a formerly-painful event with a sense of peace and closure.

Can I Just Talk to You on the Phone?

Sure! You'll need to purchase a Custom Combo, choose the phone consultation option, and I'll be in touch via email to schedule a time to call.

Are the Flower Essences Organic?

No, they aren’t. But not because they are laden with pesticides or GMOs.

Wildcrafted flowers cannot be labeled organic, but they are in essence the most organically grown ingredients we use. It’s tricky for products that contain wildcrafted ingredients to be labeled organic because the standards don’t accommodate real plants in their natural setting.

We also gladly use flowers that are grown organically, but not certified “organic,” because these are grown by me or by people who care. If we were to make sure all ingredients in our products were certified organic, the quality of our products would be compromised. Generally a non-certified ingredient that is grown by a conscious grower who uses organic practices will be of higher quality than a certified ingredient from a large-scale organic grower who checks off the right requirements.

Additionally, because we use water in the essences, it also cannot be labeled organic. Silly right? And organic brandy, it seems, is not a thing in the US. (Hole in the market?)

There's Brandy in the Flower Essences?

Brandy is the standard preservative used in in all our essences. The amount of alcohol you get from the preservative in a dosage of essences is extremely small and is safe for children, pets, pregnant/nursing mothers, and even recovering alcoholics.

If for some reason you don't want brandy as the preservative you can order custom combos with apple cider vinegar as the preservative option or any of the bouquet blends with this order form.

For more info on brandy and why it's preservative of choice, click here.

Is There a Spiritual Component to This?

Essence making is a spiritual process, as is the healing. Here is a blog post with quite a bit of detail on my approach.

Highly recommended: Go ask your higher power if this is a good thing for you.

What our Customers Say

Our customers are our best teachers. Your feedback makes our world go round! Your testimonies are incredible to share with others!

 "It's difficult to avoid gushing superlatives as I notice the difference in my daily experience with the custom blend you created for me. To reign myself in, I'll simply describe the ongoing inner experience:

It's as if layers of airy but substantial fullness have grown into a full-bodied, internal support. Being present is a breeze, and a tendency to entertain harshness from me or others gives way to the joy of letting them slide off.

You listening to your calling lets me do the same more effectively.

Deep thanks, Jocelyn"

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