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 Unburden Your Back

"2 months…I went 2 months of 24/7 neck and shoulder pain. After 7 hours of drops in all my drinks, the pain finally eased up. After 2 days, the pain had completely disappeared. I can’t believe it." -Sarah

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Do periods of stress really seem to pull you out of alignment? Have you had traumatic injuries or surgery? 

Do you keep going to the chiropractor, get everything reset only to have it go right back out again? Got a lot of tension or sore muscles? You need Align!

Most of the time we associate back pain with structural issues. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics as well as a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, you can have disc problems and be pain free, and most people with back pain have no spinal abnormalities whatsoever. What we've come to understand is that pain is not just physical.

Since many back issues are emotionally rooted, Align Flower Essence can help those who are dealing with back, shoulder and neck problems, headaches and tension from stress.  It helps to maximize the benefits from chiropractic, massage or other healing modalities.  

"I've been dealing with chronic back pain since losing over 100 lbs six years ago. My back was so used to carrying all that weight for so long, it was screaming. I tried chiropractor, cranial sacral, deep tissue massage, accupuncture. They all worked for a little while, the pain returned. Since taking Align, it's almost as if my back just knows how to stand erect. I immediately make the correction. I literally can't sit in an incorrect way anymore, my mind reminds me to stand up straight. A miracle! Back pain is almost completely gone!" - Karrie

Align May Help You:

  • Release trauma held in the body
  • Release muscle tension and strain
  • Release energetic blockages in the spine
  • Release negative emotions like anger, frustration and fear
  • Let go of stress and huge burdens
  • Find a more beneficial way of operating
  • Lighten up perfectionistic overly responsible, overly driven personalities
  • Get the most out of chiropractic care

Flowers used:

Arnica flower essence helps deal with emotions that get locked in the body after accidents or violent experiences. When we experience emotional shock, it gets deposited in the spine as well as other places. It may not affect you at the time, but cumulative experiences can eventually manifest in pain and spread outward to the surrounding muscles. Arnica is also helpful for use after accidents, to release the shock held in the body's musculature, or it can be used as a release of old "set in" trauma whether for emotional or physical.

Bear Grass clears energetic blockages in the spine. One look at the plant and you can see the strong spinal column (stem) leading up to the puff of white light at the (flower) head. May be helpful for nerve related spinal injuries, back problems in general and headaches. Bear grass can also be a bit of an awakener, bringing creative ideas and dormant talents to the forefront, as well as dealing with some of the attitudes that are not serving us well.  This is not always a comfortable situation in the short term, but the long-term effects of changing your thinking and your way of operating that are in alignment with your particular gifts are so worth it!

Dandelion flower essence works out the knots and stress that are held in the musculature of the body.  For the overdriving enthusiastic personality that pushes beyond their physical capacity to carry out such intense activity. Dandelion will tune you in to what your body needs as well as help you process through some much needed inner quiet time. If you tend to throw yourself full-on into too many activities, over-plan, over-schedule, Dandelion is a great balancer for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Lilac flower essence is frequently needed in those with back and shoulder problems.  It is used in conjunction with chiropractic care to help an adjustment hold.  Lilac helps those who bear too great a burden.  Sometimes this is because they grew up too fast and had too much responsibility as a child, sometimes it’s an inability to delegate or accept help. “If you want it done right, do it yourself” might be their motto.  It’s an aid to loosening up perfectionists and those that are in a cycle of setting impossible standards for themselves and then suffering low self-esteem when they fail to live up. On the other side of the coin, lilac helps those who lean too much on others and don’t trust themselves to hold their own burdens. Lilac, like so many flowers corrects extremes in either direction. 

Blue Vervain is a must for those who deal with tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back.  Blue Vervain mitigates the effects of stress coming from mental exertion and focus. Emergencies, deadlines, and intense focus on the task at hand for too long of period can set you up physically for a stress response. Blue Vervain, in time, will help you develop a more balanced way to be successful.  Essential for the workaholic.  

Sweet Cherry flower essence is a broad spectrum negative emotions essence, dissolving fear, anger and frustration. Many times, back issues stem from anger and relationship difficulties.

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

Your order comes with dosing instructions, here's how to use essences if you want to read up before your order arrives. 

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