Work With Seneca

Ordering a custom combo is your only way of booking a consultation with me. I can help you access what you need and make you a custom essence blend.  This can be via phone or email, I'll listen and jot down some flowers I think are relevant, and then shoot them to you in an email for final approval.  You then look them over and if anything seems off, or not quite you, I'll adjust. 
To get this process started, order a Custom Combo and I'll be in touch!

Other Freedom Flowers Practitioners
Here are some other practitioners who have gone through Freedom Flowers' training.

Leah Lesesne - Shelemah
As a counselor I love how flower essences work as a gentle support to inner healing and emotional health, especially when words just don't touch the hurt. I have often seen how flower essences can be the tipping point towards breakthrough. I offer custom flower essence blends on their own or in conjunction with inner healing sessions. Either way, I'd be honored to help support you in your healing journey.