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We'll make you anything you want! You'll need to tell us specifically which frequencies you want put in. This means a little bit of research on your part. No flower essences will be used, this is for one frequency set for targeted issue. If you'd like flowers too, go for the Custom Combo instead. We suggest you work on no more than 3 health goals at a time, and only use one frequency set at a time. So you can start with an energy one in the morning for instance, and a wind down one at night, or figure out how to best time out your different frequencies over the course of a day. Allow at least 10 mins between switching over. 

We'll make these on Tuesdays and Thursdays if shipping from the USA, so adding one of these to your order may delay shipping.

Places we like to look for frequencies: (Get off the phone and do this on a real computer)

EDTFL sources their data from 12 Clinics which use the Quantum SCIO Bioresonance machine to record disease frequencies of actual clients, and then produce the 10 most accurate frequencies which are deemed suitable for treatment with the Royal Rife Machine. They maintain an updated list that you can access here.

Spooky2 has a big list as well. Sources of the frequencies are at the end of the number list. 

Here is a list of normalizing or stimulating frequencies for certain body systems.

Storm's End Nutrition also sells bioessences and you might find a pre-made version of what you need there.

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