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Crisis Care is an excellent essence to have in your purse, your car, your first aid kit, because stuff happens.  Accidents, tragedies, crimes and traumatizing situations all call for Crisis Care.  It can help a person stay calm and think clearly to deal with the crisis at hand.


Crisis Care Flower Essence may help with:

  • * Preventing internalized trauma
  • * Staying in the present and not dissociating
  • * Guarding against breakdown
  • * Expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • * An easier access to spiritual insight
  • * Trusting in divine guidance
  • * Finding reassurance and rapidly neutralizing trauma
  • * Regaining ability to cope
  • * Supporting an immediate rekindling of vitality following devastation
  • * Standing in faith for what's rightfully yours
  • * Renewing confidence that events designed to shatter us can actually be a catapult forward
  • * Promoting internal peace
  • * Bringing resolution in relationships 

I was so happy to find you. I'm a believer. I didn't realize how much I needed Crisis Care until I started on it." -Diana H



Arnica flower essence prevents internalizing the trauma and helps you to stay present and not disassociate, but deal with the problem.


Cherry Plum guards against breakdown, out of control episodes and bad decisions based on desperation. Helps the person to not repress emotions that they are afraid of being out of control with, but to express them in a healthy non-destructive way.  Cherry Plum makes it easier to access spiritual insight that you will use to overcome the situation. Helps you to trust that you have Divine guidance.


Star of Bethlehem is the classic crisis essence.  Whether old emotions or new, it helps people find reassurance and rapidly neutralizes shock.  Practically all of us experience shocking events in our lives that we are unable to cope with.  A practitioner I know uses Star of Bethlehem in every combo because "Everybody's been through something."  Star of Bethlehem reverses the "shutting down" effects of trauma and helps the person to regain the ability to cope with circumstances with mental clarity and inner strength. 


Fireweed is the first plant to recover the land after a fire or other severe disturbance.  It is the Phoenix of the botanical world, coming up from the ashes.  The essence supports an immediate rekindling of vitality following devastation. 


Maltese Cross has large flower heads made up of loads of little red crosses.  The signature of this plant denotes that it's applicable any time you need some disaster relief, or the ability to remember to stand in faith for what is rightfully yours in life. Maltese Cross renews our confidence that the events in life that are designed to shatter us, are actually the things that can catapult us forward, set us free and bring us back stronger. 


Pear promotes an internal peace, where that inner warrior rises up and confronts the issue confidently head on.  Pear also works within relationships to bring resolution.

In Case of Emergency...

Like a lot of people, my first flower essence was Rescue Remedy. It's the most available essence, the one everybody needs and the one every health food store carries. I've even seen it at a grocery store, which is terrific, goes to show how mainstream these are getting. When I bought my first bottle of Rescue Remedy, I had some idea of how to use it (shock, right?) but I missed opportunities to try it since I didn't really know. So I want to make sure you know what you can do with your emergency essences.

Rescue Remedy (Bach), Five Flower Formula (Healing Herbs), Emergency Essence (Bush Flower) or Crisis Care (Freedom Flowers) might have different flowers but the usage is the same. I encourage you to have at least one of these in case of emergency. I have 2 in my office, one in my first aid kit and 1 in my car. I am going to promote my own here and say Crisis Care from here on out but feel free to substitute whatever you have. Here are some instances for which to use Crisis Care:

  • Unexpected death in the family
  • You had an accident and are either hurt or shook up
  • You almost had an accident and are shook up
  • You had an argument and are extremely disturbed
  • You have to face a difficult situation
  • You have to confront a fear
  • Anytime you are frightened
  • Anytime you are stunned
  • Anytime you receive bad news


For animals the list looks something like this:

  • A trip to the vet
  • Dealing with a phobia
  • Heard fireworks or thunder
  • Birthing (both mother and babies)
  • Accidents
  • Routine has been turned upside down
  • Bird flew into the window
  • Trip to the groomers
  • Fish that have shock from water changes (1 drop per 10 gallons)
  • Horses being transported
  • Cattle being branded ( dropper full in water trough)
  • Any kind of nervousness or apprehension

My friend was going hunting by himself 60 miles out in nowhere at 9,000 feet and didn't know the area well enough to tell anybody exactly where he would be. I made him take a bottle of Crisis Care with him since it packs easily and covers most problems. The first thing he did after setting up camp was whack his foot with the axe. He took some Crisis Care and said it helped him settle down and think about what he had to do and steadied his mind so he could take care of himself.

My Mom got stung by a bee and it was really bothering her, she kept trying different things to put on it and nothing was working. I put a couple drops of Crisis Care on the sting and said give it a minute. I went to the bathroom and came out and she was gone. I went outside and she was back to painting the garage (where she got stung). I said "Hows the bee sting?" and she said, "Oh I forgot all about it! I guess it's ok." It's funny to me how flower essences make you forget you ever had problems. Which reminds me;

When I was on vacation, I had taken all my essences with me. While at a party, a tornado came and we all had to go down into a flooded basement. We went single file down the stairs and I had a 3 year old in front of me holding up the line. She cried out and looked back like "No way!" so I took her hand and marched her down and we got out of the way of the herd while I dabbed a little Crisis Care on her forehead. (Kids don't like the taste unless diluted) I told her "This will help you to not be scared" so I admit there could've been some placebo effect at work. Then I noticed her mother was shaking so I gave her some too. By the time I turned around the kid was getting in trouble for playing in the water. Her mother began telling a funny story. Both had forgotten their fear.

Another instance where Crisis Care was helpful was a gentleman who was having an anxiety attack and was certain he was going to die. We called an ambulance and I fished out the Crisis Care along with Lungwort - he was hyperventilating - and dabbed along his temples. He settled down some and went to the hospital, but what amazed me was that his normally high blood pressure was not bad when we got there.

Here are some testimonials from our super customers!

My mother in law wanted me to thank you for her. She got in a 3 week old kitten that was too weak to even hold up its head and covered in so many fleas you couldn’t even tell what color it was. All she could get down it was about 2 or 3 drops of formula at a time. She started mixing the Crisis Care in with the formula and within 2 days the kitten was up and moving around on its own. She swears that the only thing that saved that baby was your stuff. She sends a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!! -Michelle Hill Rochester IN

"I got in a blue crown conure that is at least 20 yrs old (she was wild caught so her exact age is questionable), blind in one eye, and has horrible fat deposits all over her poor body from a bad diet. She had just lost her mate of over 10 yrs and the people no longer wanted her.
You could tell right away that she’s had a long rough life. I immediately put her in a clean cage with fresh food and water. I left her alone for a few hrs to see how she would respond to her new surroundings.
I came back in a few hrs later only to find her sitting at the bottom of the cage and barely moving.
Well, my first thought was to grab the Crisis Care essence. I didn’t want to have to try to take her back out of her cage and risk stressing her more so putting it in her beak was out of the question. Not knowing how she would react to a spray bottle I decided not to go that route either. So what did I do? I took the eye dropper, held it above her head, and let a few drops hit her on the back of the neck. Not knowing if this was going to help I decided to give her a few hrs more before I checked back on her.
Guess what? I went back in and checked on her an hr later and she was digging into her food cup! I think the shock of losing her mate and changing homes combined with her age and poor health must have put her into shock. I’m sure the Crisis Care essence is the only thing that saved her."

Some final thoughts. Birds especially benefit from Crisis Care because no matter what has happened, they are easily stressed and go into shock quickly.



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