Cherry Plum Flower Essence

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Cherry Plum helps where there is a fear of strong emotions. It also guards against breakdown, out-of-control episodes and bad decisions based on desperation. It helps users to express emotions in healthy, non-destructive ways and remain calm and rational in difficult situations where they would otherwise explode or come apart. Cherry Plum makes it easier to access spiritual insight that you will use to overcome emotional situations. It also helps you trust that you have Divine guidance.

Other Products Containing Cherry Plum Flower Essence

  • Crisis Care helps the user stay calm and think rationally in the face of accidents, tragedies, crimes and traumatizing situations.
  • Craving Control helps foster a healthy mindset, proper motivation, and addresses the emotional aspects of stress eating, addiction and self-medicating. Cherry Plum in this instance helps with the fear of being out of control with food.
  • Peace for Pets helps pets that have anxiety or phobias. Especially intended for fireworks and thunderstorm season.  
  • Smoke Free flower essence for the emotional effects that accompany addictions like smoking. 
  • Temper Tamer blend designed to bring emotional calmness and resilience, perfect for children who experience tantrums, frustration, or have difficulty regulating their emotions.
  • First Quarter Moon Phase Essence designed to support those born during this moon phase

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

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