First Quarter Moon Phase Essence

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The Rebel Change Maker

People born during the first quarter moon live with a natural propensity for intensity. They are confident risk takers that rise and thrive on challenge. Got a crisis on your hands? Put them in charge. They solve problems on the fly with creativity and decisive action. You can’t cajole them into going along with a plan they disagree with. They will lay a whole new train track and get everybody on board. Growth generally happens at the expense of inner peace, and though they thrive on upheaval, we all need a reprieve here and there. They also tend to force circumstances to bend to their will since it's so effective most of the time, yet there are situations where waiting and allowing things to fall into place are needed. Here are some flowers that can support their ambition while providing a bit of balance.

Speedwell helps fast moving people have internal stillness and focus. Speedwell increases spiritual insight and awareness and helps you go at the "right speed". It brings a sense of calm in the midst of chaos and allows you to rest, even while moving forward and tackling hard things.  It also allows you to "see" ahead and maintain objectivity with regard to revelatory direction. Many times when we receive revelation from the spiritual realm, we immediately try to get it to make sense through leaning on our own understanding. Our grids for understanding come from past experience, what we've been taught, religious doctrines, and emotional or cultural mindsets which can color the vision and lose the true meaning in the translation. Speedwell keeps you grounded and better able to see it for what it is.

Pussy Willow helps regain balance and flexibility when there has been too much doing and not enough being. In today's society, we tend to create high-pressure situations, cramming it all in at the expense of relaxation. Too much pressure causes us to become rigid and resentful and eventually crack, much like a willow that is no longer tapped into a water source. The positive side of willow is creativity, flexibility, increase in intuition, patience, kindness, grace and a proper balance of right brain/left brain functioning. Pussy Willow helps find new ways of operating, new ways to organize our days so we can enjoy a balanced lifestyle that is conducive to love and comfort, flowing in proper timing and rest. Pussy Willow also helps us engage our 5 senses, helping take in life and all its sensual pleasures more fully.

Cherry Plum helps people who repress strong emotions because they fear losing control of situations by giving voice to them. It helps users to express emotions in healthy, non-destructive ways and remain calm and rational in difficult circumstances. Cherry Plum makes it easier to access spiritual insight to overcome challenges and it also helps you trust that you have Divine guidance.

Solomon's Seal helps you fail forward. Anybody as change and challenge oriented as a quarter mooner is going to take a shot and lose at times. When we get disappointed, we have to go through a mini-grief phase. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are what we need to cycle through every time things don't go our way, even if on a low-level manner. When we look at successful people, it's said that how fast one can recover after failure is an indicator of how successful one can be. Solomons' Seal helps you move through disappointment and frustration quickly so you can refocus and adjust your way of doing things. It helps you learn from mistakes, adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and work effectively with things outside your control.

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
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