Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase Essence

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The Compassionate Truth Seeker

People born during the waxing gibbous phase love to learn, investigate and scrutinize. Youngsters are the ones trailing around asking "why," and all ages question what they've always been told but never shown or proven. Personal growth and self-improvement is their thing, they are always evaluating and refining. They support other people in their pursuit of success, if it's a cause they can get behind, something meaningful, and they help with establishing new structures, encouraging, guiding, assessing and perfecting. When they are on the project, it's going to get done right.

Waxing Gibbous babies are nothing if not constructive throughout their lives, but a couple of things can hamper that a bit. One is perfectionism, which they especially apply to themselves. The other is putting all their energy towards another's cause. While this can be a good contribution to the world and meaningful to them, they need to watch boundaries a bit so that they aren't taken advantage of. They also need to find structure and organization that works for them. They know not everything started deserves finishing, so being able to identify endeavors that are irrelevant time sucks and let them go is another key skill.

Here are the flowers we've chosen to support waxing gibbous personalities.

Purple Archangel is all about getting things in order. It's a clarifier of the complex, aids in understanding and decisive action, and simplifies and grounds those with a swirl of activity. Good for those who are trying to get organized, and feeling the need to decipher what is worthwhile and what is not.

helps individuals shine forth with full consciousness of their unique gifts and abilities. Buttercup inspires you not to judge yourself based on conventional ideas of achievement, or by comparing yourself to others. This is also a helpful essence for those who are staying a bit hidden as support for another persons big thing. Buttercup shows you how you are successful at whatever stage you’re at.

addresses guilt and shame-based issues and all their cousins: self-sabotage, self-blame, fear of being judged, perfectionism and unworthiness. Hyssop works within the structures of thinking we’ve created to reverse the internal judgment and self-condemnation we fall into. Some degree of judgment is necessary, but there's a point where it's counterproductive, and one needs to give themselves some grace.

instills self-trust and confidence especially in those who don't have a strong sense of their individual identity. Waxing Gibbous people know who they are, but they do need some affirmation from others. We cannot help but derive our identity, value, and meaning from external sources, however, Goldenrod will help one to stop seeking peer approval and gain inner strength and conviction about who they truly are. 

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
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