Full Moon Essence

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The Expressive Legacy Steward

People born during a full moon help us connect with and understand our emotions as they process their own and leave us the light shining the way. They have a need to put something lasting into the world that wasn’t there before, and leave tangible evidence of their inner lives. They are going to be real, put it out there, warts and all.

They put their heart into their work allowing the rest of us to identify with and be moved by their emotion. Whether dark or light, painful or joyous, they can pull out those areas of us to be brought into the light through their chosen modality. This can be through the arts, professional or volunteer work, or raising wise children rich in EQ as just a few examples.

There’s a pull between opposites and a working out of paradoxes within the full moon personality. Light and dark, head and heart, inner world and external realities, and the full moon person has to learn to walk at peace with the tension between each side, allowing all truth to coexist in their lives. This involves having strong spirituality as well as tolerance for not having all the answers.

The wounded are often drawn to their mysterious yet safe light, and full mooners tend to be nurturing and empathetic. Boundaries may need to be set. Here are some flowers that we've blended to help the full moon child on their way:

Pink Yarrow aids in discerning one's own emotions from what's being picked up from others. Helps you set healthy boundaries while remaining compassionate.

Skullcap helps mend fences between parts of one's self, it eases those areas that you've not been able to fully accept about yourself and allows self-forgiveness and self-nurturing to happen. If you've been prioritizing needs over wants, head over heart, at first puts you back in touch with feelings, interests, preferences and self-nurturing capacity.  Secondly, Skullcap sensitizes one to others helping you to extend compassion and understanding.  The speed and stress of daily living, the bombardment of the mind with stimulation, early pain and trauma all conspire against the natural sensitivity of the soul.  Skullcap is like a bridge back to acceptance of self and others.

Mullein amplifies your ability to connect with the still small Voice, especially in areas of right and wrong and fulfilling your purpose. Decision-making becomes clearer and your ability to stand strong and stick to your guns is enhanced. Because full moon types can easily see both side of an issue and be pulled in two seemingly opposing directions, having Mullein to help retrieve higher source answers can be a help. Mullein also allows a calm certainty and sense of protection as you walk your unique path. For anyone who is indecisive, or who has difficultly recognizing the voice of God, Mullein has a way of clarifying. The grey scale goes away, and you can move into action with confidence.

Double Delight Rose helps us let go of the struggle of our logic mind being able to accept a paradox and grab onto a counter-intuitive path or way of being. If you have been in a long-term struggle to apprehend and work out a paradox in your life, Double Delight can help. With Double Delight, you may find yourself transitioning to a place of happiness that you've thus far been unable to accept. 

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

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