Smoke Free Flower Essence

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Self-Heal helps with that "You can do it!" feeling. Self- Heal also motivates you to make healthy decisions for yourself. This may spill into self-control in the area of overeating, which many quitters are concerned about.

Nicotiana - Yes, it’s made from the tobacco flower. Nicotiana flower essence has a long track record of working with addictions, predominately to cigarettes. It helps by strengthening an addictive personality (those who need a substance to cope) and making it ok to feel the feelings. Being tough and cool is overrated. So is being the loner. Nicotiana is connecting and grounding, softening and even as Native Americans know, a peace maker.

Coreopsis - a flower that reduces cravings, and combats addiction and depression. It also ups your sense of confidence, strengthens you and helps you deal with stress.

Lettuce is also a stress essence and a rebuilder after nervous tension as well as a support during withdrawals.

Cherry Plum - For those who feel like their smoking is out of control. Some people consciously or unconsciously suppress feelings that they are afraid to deal with. Facing those feelings might lead to an outburst beyond your capacity to handle. But trying to keep a tight reign on your self-control only leads to more stress. If you are medicating your stress with the very thing you're afraid of being out-of-control with, you can see how this might be a problem! Cherry Plum helps you to express emotions in a healthy manner, to integrate insights from your subconscious and "let go and let God." At that point you have access to a tremendous reserve of strength and energy to face your problems.

Pear promotes an internal peace, so your inner warrior can rise up and confidently confront your issues head on.

Blue Lupine helps with breaking repetitive patterns such as use of hands or specific situations or times of the day.

Note:  You will need something to address the physical withdrawals and cravings.  Flower essences are best used to support your mental state during the process. 

We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.

All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy as well as alternatives, click here.