Aftershock Flower Essence

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The essence to use to repair and restore after any kind of deeply emotional shock, old or new.  Recommended for, but not limited to war vets, victims of abuse, accidents or sexual crimes. All of us have undergone deeply disturbing events in our lives.  Going through a healing process with flower essences at some point regarding these things is recommended for everyone provided we have a good support network during a vulnerable healing time.   

Aftershock Flower Essence may help you; 

  • Transmute emotions locked up due to trauma
  • Release shock held in the body's musculature
  • Go through a deep healing process feeling supported and strengthened
  • Take responsibility in areas that you need to for healing
  • Sense intuitively what needs to be done
  • Reverse the "shut down" effects of extreme emotions
  • Move through the transition from a traumatized self-image to the new fully integrated person with grace
  • Recover your purpose and passion
  • Stage a big comeback


Arnica flower essence helps deal with emotions that get locked in the body after accidents, or violent experiences.  Arnica is the remedy of choice for disassociative disorders, puzzling illnesses or autoimmune diseases that don't respond to other methods of treating the physical symptoms.  Arnica is also helpful for use immediately after accidents, to aid in the release of shock held in the body's musculature, or it can be used as a release of old "set in" issues be it emotional or physical. 
Star of Bethlehem flower essence is the classic crisis essence.  It helps people find reassurance and rapidly neutralizes any kind of .  Practically all of us experience shocking events in our lives that we are unable to cope with.  A practitioner I know uses Star of Bethlehem in every combo because "Everybody's been through something."  Star of Bethlehem reverses the "shutting down" effects and helps the person to regain the ability to cope with circumstances with mental clarity and inner strength. 
Fireweed flower essence is about springing up from the ashes with new passion and purpose after devastation. It is the first plant to regrow after forest fires or other severe disturbance, and is a great remedy for "burn out."  It's action helps you to recover your true purpose in life and can help you clear out old habits, behaviors and armoring that are not serving you.  Fireweed is about restoration on the deepest level. 
Comfrey flower essence reverses the effects of old wounds that have caused a "shut down" effect, in an attempt to protect the conscious mind.  It's aid to the nervous system can bring about beneficial effects on memory, and the ability to receive information through dreams and other avenues of spiritual awakening.   
Echinacea flower essence helps you in the transition from the old traumatized self-image to the new fully integrated person.  It maintains a protection around us while we are in a vulnerable weakened state, but does not leave us there.  Childhood traumas can shatter a person's core identity, causing a person to disassociate or put on a different persona to get through.  Echinacea helps to restore true identity and wholeness by releasing the old, especially for those who do not feel fully present. 
Moonbeam Coreopsis flower essence is an excellent essence to be used in any kind of recuperation, whether it's post operative, emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. It facilitates heart rebuilding and depth of a healing process that goes beyond the obvious.  Many times we have a physical symptom that is related to a much deeper heart issue.  This is an essence that energetically wraps around you and gives you a reassuring hug, helping you to receive healing on deeper level.  Moonbeam is in here to be the comforter in a blend of heavy upheavelists. 

Likewise, Self-Heal flower essence is in here as a support character, sometimes the recovery process is hard and Self-Heal is your personal motivator and cheerleader, instilling in you the will to keep moving forward.  It also puts you in touch with what you personally need for healing, and helps you to take responsibility in the areas that you need to. 



All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here


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