Prosper Flower Essence


Experience Abundance

"I purchased this for my son and he texted me asking for another bottle of it!! His finances have been crazy improving!!" -Tanya

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It's a wild idea right? You take a little potion and get more money. Well, that's not exactly how it works. Prosper flower essence addresses poverty mentality, scarcity, and lack. It is about money, but so much deeper than that. Prosper helps you tap into abundance in all areas of your life by working on your heart issues around your own worth and what you really think about money.  We can recite all the affirmations or scriptures we want, but if what we assert is not congruent with our core beliefs; we do not have unity within ourselves, and our efforts fall flat.  
When you get to a place internally where you are capable of receiving, you’ll see opportunities for what they are, rather than potential traps and suffering to steer clear of. You’ll believe in yourself enough to reach for better.  You won’t drop the blessing like it's a hot potato because you feel unworthy.  Your generosity will increase, therefore the flow of everything will too. More importantly, when you can hold on to a good thing, then good things flow to you. 
Prosper Flower Essence may help you:
  • see yourself as worthy of better
  • ditch mindsets that are holding you back from receiving
  • unravel guilt-based thinking about money
  • get past money or lack-related fears
  • take off self-imposed limitations
  • take necessary leaps
  • be able to plan, imagine and take initiative in going for goals
"The Prosper blend is AMAZING!!  I have noticed that not only am I getting more money in, but also lots of overtime, sudden requests for me to work on projects, discounts, and offers. I just filed for bankruptcy back in March of this year, after having had to pay all of my son's medical bills, surgeries, medicines, and dental work which has been astronomical.  I was being turned down left and right for credit but all of a sudden, I'm being approved for credit cards, and I was approved for an online loan, with NO collateral and with a rate much lower than they normally charge! I also got $1500 worth of dental work for $250!!!  That is unheard of! One of the best things about the blend is that I have noticed that it is working on my thoughts as well.  I am being very positive in regards to the way I think about money and this started before all of the money, offers, overtime and discounts started coming in!" -Sonia

Flowers in "Prosper":

Missouri Primrose reaches back to our childhood, helping us to reframe our circumstances. Many of us were also told we would never amount to anything, or that we were any number of things that would impose limits on us.  Others may have grown up with an overall lack of love, abuse, strict religious teaching or other ways of ensuring we would have a battle over our worth. This sets us up to feel undeserving anytime good things come our way.  Beliefs that something bad will happen because things are too good come from this place, but Missouri Primrose is a master at reshaping all the childhood stuff, reinstating our worthiness and helping us learn to receive and self-nurture.  

Hyssop is another that can help with those deeply engrained issues of unworthiness and self-sabotage, but also any shame or guilt connected with having abundance.  The lie that "if I have more, it means someone else has less" is a guilt trip.  Hyssop also does well with deprogramming guilt-based religious indoctrination. 
Yellow Monkey Flower helps with fears around poverty or success, trying new things and being afraid of failure.  It helps us put ourselves out there in a bigger way, if we've been shrinking back.
Star Thistle aids in feeling and focusing on abundance rather than lack. For those who have a tendency to “tighten up” and be fearful during financial stress, Great Depression survivors, hoarders or anyone who feels there is not enough to go around will benefit from Star Thistle. 
Wild Rose helps you defeat hopelessness and apathy.  For those who have given up the fight, Wild Rose helps you regain the ability to dream again, see the opportunities around you and take initiative.
Aurinia commonly called "Basket of Gold," is a helper for you to see the raw materials around you, the abundance and riches that you already possess. It instills a deep trust that you are taken care of, and that you have already been given everything you need to succeed in the place you're called.
Russian Sage moves us into spiritual maturity by helping transition us out of a state of confusion, desolation, and barrenness. It sets our hearts aflame with love, our affections gratitude and joy moving and diffusing upwards, and set on things above, not to be diverted or distracted by the winds of adversity.  To be in tune with the Russian Sage frequency is to live from a place of overflow, abundance, and lightness. Issues of unworthiness quietly move out, as easy as exhaling.
"Once I began taking the Prosper Flower Essence, I didn't spend or save any more money, but I became less anxious about even little financial decision. But what was even more cool, I began to relate with time in a similar way. Instead of always feeling crunched for time, out of time, not in time, I began trusting that there is always enough. I realized that my anxiety about money and my anxiety about time were connected, hence the cultural aphorism "time is money". I truly believe God is using these essences to heal me in ways that my conscious mind is not able to do by sheer will. I encourage it for anyone who struggles with stressing out about time and money, but also for anyone who feels they might be unworthy of being provided for. It's blessed me ridiculously." -Amrish 

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

Your order comes with dosing instructions, here's how to use essences if you want to read up before your order arrives.  

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