Supernatural Business Kit

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Designed for entrepreneurs, this kit has essences needed for getting things done, being a visionary, conquering limiting beliefs about self and finances, and getting spiritual wisdom and strategy. The accompanying book contains examples of the supernatural in Freedom Flowers and other businesses, while laying out some practical steps to activate the miraculous in your own business. 

Essences included are:


“Prosper” addresses poverty mentality, scarcity, and lack. It is about money, but so much deeper than that. Prosper helps you tap into abundance in all areas of your life by working on your heart issues around your own worth and what you really think about money.  We can recite all the affirmations or scriptures we want, but if what we assert is not congruent with our core beliefs, we do not have unity within ourselves, and our efforts fall flat.
Vision Quest
Vision Quest helps with spiritual vision, finding life's purpose and breakthrough. 
M&M flower essence combats procrastination, indecision and feelings of being stuck.  Aids in multi-tasking, not losing the forest for the trees and setting plans of action. Builds confidence in talents, confidence in decision making, confidence to forge ahead. 
Open Ears
Open Ears deals with common blocks to spiritual hearing and amplifies your ability to tune into divine guidance and make decisions.
Beat imposter syndrome and set your prices where they need to be. An essence for self assurance, poise, recognizing your worth, and for those that have a hard time expressing themselves.

Supernatural Business: Inviting the Power of God Into the Marketplace Book

Want to see the supernatural power of God manifest in your business? Want your clients and customers to have a result they can't get from someone else? Learn how a "Kingdom first" focus can take your business places you never imagined.

In Supernatural Business: Inviting the Power of God into the Marketplace, you'll get practical steps to:

  • Incorporate the miraculous, whether you’re a product or service-based business
  • Tap into flow, connections, and needed resources
  • Supernatural time phenomena
  • Market your business in a way that you can feel great about
  • Eliminate self-sabotage and limiting beliefs with helpful tools


You'll also get free admission to our online class with videos and downloadable worksheets, though the book is complete on its own. If you want to see God move in your business in out of the box ways, grab your kit and start taking the limits off your business today!