New Year's Revelations Essence and Program (free with $75 USD purchase)


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Three years ago, I felt impressed to spend 30 days seeking wisdom and strategy for 2020. I felt that I should drop everything and really listen every day for direction on how to roll with the new year. I created this essence blend and decided to invite you all to join me. At the time, I had no idea 2020 would be so... challenging.
As 2020 wore on, I found myself repeatedly flipping back through my 2020 Vision journal, matching up what I wrote down with the timing that seemed right in the year. Looking back, I am so glad I did this. And we're gonna do it again!
I'm setting an intention again to go into 2023 with wisdom. This is the limited edition essence and program in case you'd like to join me. 
Each day for 30 days we're going to ask Spirit a question about some aspect of our lives. (Different question every day — you choose.) This can be how to solve specific problems, changes we need to make, and should be a mix of specific and broad. Then we listen and journal. Make sure you are subscribed to our emails with an email you actually check and have access to (That is the program part.) If you do not do this, we can't fix it for you.

You'll get emails right after purchase to start the program, but you can start whenever you're ready. We recommend starting sooner rather than later though.
How you listen is an individual thing. Some of us need to write that question and meditate on it while we're in the shower. Some of us need to go for a walk. Some of us will look for signs, some will write down random thoughts from out of nowhere. It can look like you sitting with a notebook, but it doesn't have to. At the end of 30 days, you should have some strategy for 2023, which you can translate to action steps instead of resolutions.
The flower essence blend helps us with our spiritual sensitivity and being objective with the revelation we get. It also helps us to not self-sabotage, or get into doubt and fear. Add to that, sage wisdom and big-picture thinking, and we have a blend to take us into a new year. 
The essence and program are free with a $75+ order. It will automatically add to your cart. If you manually add it you will be ordering a paid essence and program too. 
What's in it:

Mullein amplifies your ability to connect with the still small Voice, especially in areas of fulfilling your purpose. Decision-making becomes clearer and your ability to stand strong and stick to your guns is enhanced. Mullein allows a calm certainty and sense of protection as you walk your unique path. For anyone who is indecisive, or who has difficultly recognizing the voice of God, Mullein has a way of clarifying. The grey scale goes away, and you can move into action with confidence.

Aurinia instills a deep security and trust that you are taken care of and that you have already been given everything necessary to succeed in the place you're called. Dreams, visions and other avenues of spiritual awareness help to build a resolve of boldness and fearlessness. It helps us feel not just more equipped but also eager to tackle things put off for fear of different reasons/lies.   

Speedwell helps you to "see" ahead and maintain objectivity with regard to the vision. Many times when we receive revelation from the spiritual realm, we immediately try to get it to make sense through leaning on our own understanding. Our grids for understanding come from past experience, what we've been taught, religious doctrines, and emotional or cultural mindsets which can color the vision and lose the true meaning in the translation. Speedwell keeps you grounded and better able to see it for what it is.

Sage flower essence helps us draw on wisdom, and step back and look at our life through a higher perspective, while at the same time bringing it down to the nitty gritty of where you are and how best to proceed.

Datura is also a spiritual vision aid that cuts through illusion and works through dreams as well.  It makes it easier for you to let go of old ways and increases your faith to step into the new and unknown. 

Angelica flower essence helps us to remove any notions or hang ups we might have that tell us we need an intermediary between us and God. If we have set someone or some religious system as a substitution for a direct line of communication, Angelica shows us how we’ve done so and that this is not necessary.

Chia gives us a sense of peace, stability and grounding. Historically the seeds were used as an eye cleanser; we find it bumps our spiritual visions up a notch and gives us a better sense of being spiritually in tune. It also seems to bring balance to our timelines if we are living too much in the moment with little regard for the future, or too future-oriented to be present and enjoy where we're at.