Body Coaching: 30 Days of Spirit Led Weight Loss

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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and spoke kindly to your body? Discover how speaking from your spirit can heal your relationship with your body and bring you into proper alignment spirit-soul-body as you drop the pounds. 

Are you done trying to willpower your way through another diet or exercise program? Done excluding food groups or not being able to have a normal meal with people?  In this book you’ll learn a spirit-first way of working on issues that have sabotaged your ability to lose or maintain weight loss. 

The premise of our program is that each day, you'll spend a few minutes speaking from your spirit to your body. Each day has a different topic with a concise explanation of how and why it contributes to your weight, followed by an example of what you can say from your spirit to your body to encourage healing. 

You may have suspected some hidden reasons why you have such a hard time with weight loss. Maybe you blame your metabolism, your thyroid, hormones, or other mysterious factors. The truth is, so much more is going on than calories in, calories out. Many factors within the body and mind influence your weight. This thirty-day plan addresses them one by one. 

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to reorder yourself spirit-soul-body rather than body-soul-spirit
  • How to get your “Texas high school football coach” soul to yield to the kinder more loving coaching voice of your spirit.
  • How to ditch the dietary dogma and find your healthy balance


We don't give you any rules about food, although as a result of speaking to your body, your eating will probably shift a bit. The people who have already used our program have reported fewer cravings, less hunger, and eating better quality food.

Each day focuses on a different physical or emotional health component for you to talk to your body about. We also included tapping exercises similar to EFT and TFT in the book to add another layer of body-mind-spirit connection when talking to yourself.

Testimonies from those that have already tried the program (and purposely didn’t diet while trying it!):


“I’m down 2lbs in 30 days and I have a better attitude toward my body. I've begun a process of making peace with and partnering with my body that has been very needful." Jane I

"I lost 5lbs in 30 days. Looking at food differently has been the biggest difference. My body isn't craving junk food, and because I'm feeling better, I'm walking more, which I love to do." Sue B

"I lost 7 lbs and I purposely was not dieting! I've noticed a significant difference in the past couple weeks in the ability for my spirit to rise above my emotions/soul and implement positive mindsets. This is HUGE for me!" Veronica M

"This is the first time the scales have gone in a negative direction in years. I had tried a few diets but the scales never budged. 6.4 pounds in a little over three weeks!" Rachel S


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