Lemon Balm Flower Essence

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Lemon Balm flower essence facilitates a deep natural relaxation. It eases the velocity of the mind, helping you slip into an alpha state more easily. Lemon Balm also moves anxiety out so revelation can surface. Lemon Balm is great for children unable to relax or slow down. Calms fears and helps regulate the sleep cycle. Lemon Balm flower essence is a restorer after stress from modern civilization and from being around too many people or stretched too thin. There may be anxiety over something obvious or anxiety over something lurking in the background of the mind. Either way, Lemon Balm helps release peace of mind, usually through dreams.  

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle

Essence Blends Containing Lemon Balm 

Peaceful Sleep, since Lemon Balm acts as a mind calm.

Stress Less, because it helps us unwind after hard days.

Stay Calm, as a natural anxiety fighter and relaxant.

Peace, for helping us stay chill in difficult situations.

Tomorrow, for helping us into a state of mind that is conducive to seeing the best way to move forward into the future.

Dream Drops, because Lemon Balm helps us catharticly release issues to the surface through dreams.

Peace for Pets and Separation Anxiety blend to help stressed or fearful animals.