Echinacea Flower Essence

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Echinacea helps transition from old traumatized self-image to the new, fully-integrated person. It maintains a protection around you while in a vulnerable weakened state, but doesn’t leave you there. Childhood traumas can shatter a person's core identity, causing you to dissociate or adopt a different persona to get through. Echinacea helps restore true identity and wholeness by releasing the old, especially for those who do not feel fully present. 

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle


Other Products Containing Echinacea Flower Essence:

Aftershock combines Echinacea with other flowers that ease the after effects of emotional trauma.

Menoblend uses Echinacea to help maintain your core identity in times of change

Floral Defense blend uses Echinacea in tandem with other flowers that help a person heal from past abuse as well as guard the heart from the effects of further abuse.

Fragment Finder uses Echinacea to help with integration in soul splits