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Menoblend Flower Essence

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While we've focused on assisting with menopause in this blend, I believe it will be great for those with PMS, PMDD or recent hysterectomy.  This is a 1 oz bottle that should last you at least a month.
"It took about three weeks to see the results. But terrible night sweats and daily hot flashes are GONE!! Such a wonderful blessing!!! Definitely a must try!" -Karon W
Menoblend may help with:
  • Building joy, energy, and resilience
  • Emotional decongestion
  • Instilling a sense of beauty and youthfulness
  • Tuning into what you personally need for your own well-being
  • Strengthening resolve by putting you in charge of your recovery process
  • Soothing hormonal disturbances
  • Bringing out strength and tenacity by instilling calmness, softness and serenity
  • Addressing spiritual aspect of reproductive organs
  • Issues surrounding sexual abuse or misuse of sexuality
  • Difficult menopause
  • Lighting up heavy hearts
  • Having a greater level of compassion and love
  • Maintaining core identity during times of change or challenge
  • Balancing mood swings and hot flashes
  • Balancing hormonal tension


Elder flower essence stimulates our recovery process by building joy, energy, resilience and is sort of an emotional decongestant.  Those stagnant heavy emotional states are relieved and replaced with peace and a strong sense of optimism.  Elder also instills a sense of beauty and youthfulness.  It's a rejuvenator and strengthener for those who are "feeling their age". It also calms fears and helps a person realize their inner strength.


Self-Heal flower essence is helpful for those who have lost belief in their capacity to be well, or who have turned this responsibility over to doctors or others. It helps to tune you in to what you need personally for your own well being.  Self-Heal strengthens your resolve and puts you in charge of your recovery process with a new found faith for healing. No more victim mentality.  It is a very beneficial remedy for those who face healing challenges, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.


Feverfew is supportive of change and helps to smooth out hormonal disturbances.  It brings out strength and tenacity, and instills calmness, softness and serenity. 


Easter Lily addresses the spiritual and physical aspects of the reproductive organs, especially in women.  It helps when there has been an issue of abuse or misuse of sexuality, even on a generational level.  This trauma can linger in the reproductive system causing more issues than should be natural.  For that reason, Easter Lily is helpful for women whose experience of menopause is difficult. This is also a very helpful essence for any woman who needs or has undergone a hysterectomy.


Borage flower essence is excellent to lift up heavy hearts and to encourage the user.  It's action is strengthening and supportive of change, allowing one to trust in guidance from on high.  It imbues the person with optimism, gladness, courage and enthusiasm.  Borage should be used for any situation that is difficult to face, or when you are feeling disheartened or discouraged.  Borage is a great heart remedy, opening you to feel greater levels of love and compassion. 


Echinacea helps you maintain your core identity during times of change and challenge.  Echinacea is also a general all-purpose healer and helps you to transition into your "new self". 


Balancing for mood swings and hot flashes, Tiger Lily brings stability and harmony by allowing the user to let go of hostility and aggressive tendencies.  It has along history of balancing hormonal tension. 
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

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