Custom Combo For Pet

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Custom combos are the best way to help your pet in the event that one of our pre-mixed blends is not quite what you were looking for. We'll talk either over the phone or email, your choice, about your pets issues and come up with a personalized combination of up to 7 essences. 

"When our pit bull was attacked by the neighbor's hound he had a handful of pretty deep puncture wounds on his back leg/butt. After we went to the vet and got his wounds cleaned and sent home with antibiotics, I also bought some Triple S (Super Skin Stuff) and some custom drops to put in the pet water bowl to help calm all of them (his ego took a big hit, too). Both remedies seemed to work great and his wounds are healing surprisingly quickly. Just 3 weeks later deep puncture wounds are scabbed over and almost completely healed. Super affordable and I think also really effective."  -April

Email Consultation: We'll discuss your needs and my recommendations via email and have your combo chosen within 1 week of your order.

Phone Consultation: We'll discuss your needs and my recommendations via phone for up to 20 minutes and then follow up by email. Your combo will be chosen within 1 week of your order.

To get started, go ahead and purchase, and I will be in touch shortly to go over your needs.