Recovery For Pets


Recovery Essence for a Vibrant Comeback

"We tried Recovery for my languishing canary... he started to sing brilliantly! So happy! We thought we lost his voice forever. Liquid light, I truly believe in our results." -Teresa

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Recovery is great support and strengthening during illness.  Contains flower essences of Self-Heal, Apple, Teasel, Moonbeam Coreopsis and Elder.


Recovery Flower Essence will help your pet:

  • Have a sense of hope and reassurance
  • Feel a sense of robustness
  • Allay any fears related to injury or illness
  • Stimulate the body's innate healing process
  • Strengthen the will to overcome
  • Find the right balance of playing/exercising and resting
  • Have a sense of youthfulness
  • Feel comforted and nurtured
  • Go deeper in the healing process
  • Build joy, energy and resilience
  • Tap into their own inner strength


All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here