Bioresonance Analysis and Custom Blends


Give Us Your Nail Clippings, We'll Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Your Body

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What if a simple part of you could reveal the secrets to your optimal health?

Imagine sending just your nail clippings and receiving insights that span nearly 400 body parts and systems—extracting details from your cellular energy to your nutrient needs. Our bioresonance scanning does just that, providing you with a detailed report that not only identifies but helps you understand your body's unique language.

What Our Full Body Scan Offers You:

  • Holistic Health Overview: See how each part of your body reacts to your current health routines, pinpointing what works and what needs change
  • Root Cause Analysis: Identify central health issues that impact multiple body systems, allowing focused and effective interventions
  • Supplement Efficacy: Determine whether the supplements you take are truly benefiting your health
  • Diet Optimization: Discover the foods that nourish you and those you should avoid, custom-tailored to your body's responses
  • Nutritional Balancing: Detailed reporting on your vitamins, minerals, and hormones, guiding you to achieve optimal balance
  • Allergy and Sensitivity Detection: Learn about your allergies and sensitivities in order of severity, empowering you to make safer choices
  • Genetic Insights: Gain foresight into genetic predispositions, taking proactive steps towards prevention and health optimization

Expert Oversight and Personalized Care:

Upon analysis, a skilled practitioner reviews your digital imaging and comprehensive reports, pinpointing priority areas for immediate action. This expert insight culminates in two custom essences crafted specifically for you—one to heal and one to cleanse—alongside actionable recommendations to guide you over the next 4-6 weeks and beyond. You'll have an option to continue tracking your progress and receiving essence updates as a subscription if you choose.

Who Is This For?

This service is designed for anyone ready to take proactive, informed steps towards better health. It’s particularly valuable for those seeking deeper understanding amidst "normal" blood tests yet experiencing unexplained health issues. Our biofeedback method detects cellular-level changes before they manifest into more significant health problems, offering a chance for early and easier intervention. 

How It Works

  • You decide whether you want all the reports so you can be proactive with your health, or if all you have time/mental bandwith for is taking some drops, that's your package. 
  • We send you a collection kit
  • You fill everything out and send it back with some nail clippings (Polish is fine, toes are fine, dog/cat nails fine)
  • We run the scan, If you choose the reports package, we print those, a practitioner looks over all the info and may run additional scans to see into certain areas depending on your concerns or if there are indicators of a big issue
  • They write you a note explaining what they are seeing, and turn over two formulas to our bottler.
  • Your two personal bioresonance blends get made and and if you chose it, a binder summarizing your results plus the essences are shipped to you.
  • If you would like to book an appointment with the ND we work with, you'll have that option at an additional price. Progress scans are available as a subscription.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike traditional tests that only scratch the surface, our biofeedback approach provides a non-invasive, comprehensive glimpse into your health's future. You get a binder full of data to work from. It’s perfect for those who have experienced the frustration of inconclusive results despite persistent symptoms.

Ready to truly understand and transform your health? Explore what your body is trying to tell you with our revolutionary bioresonance scanning. Get your roadmap to better health today!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting any health program.

Not available in the UK