Focus For Pets

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Very helpful during the training stages. Helps them with memory and staying on task.


Comfrey flower essence is helpful for memory issues, especially in cases of past trauma. It's helpful for recall when doing repetitive training exercises. 

Camas can be helpful for the right and the left brain to work together, melding "I don't understand why this human is demanding this pointless thing from me" with "Oh yeah, treats and good vibes!"

Potato helps them to stay on task and mentally present.

Habanero helps with mental focus as well, humans don't focus well when their brains are trying to process past trauma. Neither do animals. Habanero helps both situations.

White Chestnut helps with OCD tendencies, or hyper-focus on something that isn't part of their training. It's a mind calm that helps bring them back to focused attention.

Blue Lupine helps with repetitive behaviors, to either consciously learn or unlearn them, as well as cut through confusion.

Peppermint is a mental waker-upper, especially if your pet gets sleepy after they eat.


All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here