Waning Crescent Moon Phase Essence

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The Mystic Revolutionary

Individuals born during a waning crescent walk between worlds, the physical and the spiritual. They are visionaries and forerunners, built to transform the culture rather than become one with it. They are at their best when helping others heal, seeing the big picture or seeing a future that those they help are unable to imagine for themselves. This path leads them to a lot of people, many of those being temporary relationships and the Mystic Revolutionary may find themselves having to let go over and over again. They are called to lots of things, so being able to leave a project, organization, hobby or anything else to stand in the void for a moment before falling into the next thing is key for them.

More of the waning crescent personality can be seen in the flowers we've chosen for this blend.

Shooting Stars help those who feel very different from those around them, as in profound alienation or other worldly. They haven't quite mentally or emotionally connected with the earthly realm. Often there is a constant though not always obvious battle for them to fulfill their destiny or purpose, especially early on in life. This tends to show up as childhood health issues, and the disconnect between them and others or between them and the Divine.  For a Shooting Star personality to step into their purpose, they have to battle initially through a fog of having a strong sense of purpose though not knowing what exactly it is, then potentially fear of ostracism, ridicule or even martyrdom. Shooting Star will help you recognize why you are here, and help you to stand in your identity in the face of opposition, as well as feel more connected to the earthly realm and those you share it with.

Potato helps you take your deep spiritual experiences and bring them into reality and practice. This is a good essence to help your spiritual growth continue at a steady rate. Potato is grounding, helping you make sense of new or abstract concepts so you can integrate the information into your everyday life. With Potato, the phrase "so heavenly-minded you're no earthly good" comes to mind. The truth is being heavenly-minded makes you a lot of earthly good, but only if you can bring it down to earth in a practical manner. Potato helps you hold on to those insights and act accordingly.

Cosmos helps us to translate abstract or emotional concepts into clear speech. It's helpful for those who try to communicate things that are of a spiritual nature and not always easily translatable into practical language for the average listener. It's also helpful for those who get overexcited and the words come out in a jumble, or for those who recognize the difficulty and resort to an overly simplified statement that lacks the depth and intricacy needed for the listener to truly understand. For those who are unfocused, or overwhelmed by trying to communicate, Cosmos helps bring it down to a level where it can be articulated. By extension, as the individual grows more confident in their self-expression, more of the personality can make contact with the higher mental function and be expressed more fully. 

Wild Aztec Tobacco
is a 
good essence for gifted children that suppress their spiritual side when they receive negative feedback from others. It also helps with fears around spiritual experiences by not repressing them, but bringing them forward to discuss with a trusted person or directly to God. 

helps us to let go of the past so we can move forward. Especially in areas where we've done work to let go but there's still something hanging us up, Wormwood helps to reveal what must be done. It's also an aid for dream recall.  

strengthens the introverts and the creatives. There is a tension one has to maintain between sharing one’s self and one’s gift to the world and the downtime and solitude needed to develop those things in private. Violets put out the showy “ta da!” flower that we all love, but it has few if any seeds. The real reproduction goes on beneath the leaf canopy, with unseen and petal-less flowers full of seeds. This is reflective of the way violet personalities can best function. The outward flower for the rest of us to love and delight in, yet protecting the most important developments until they are ready to be unleashed. For this reason violet is great not only for the shy, but the artists, writers and others who desire privacy during creation yet also need to feel safe enough to share their work.   

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
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