Shooting Star Flower Essence

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Shooting Stars help those who feel very different from those around them, they haven't quite mentally or emotionally connected with the earthly realm. Many have had difficult or traumatizing births or womb trauma. Often there is a constant though not always obvious battle for them to fulfill their destiny or purpose, especially early on in life.

This tends to show up as childhood health issues, and the disconnect between them and others or between them and the Divine as well as a disconnect from their true identity and mission to earth.

For a Shooting Star personality to step into their purpose, they have to battle initially through a fog of having a strong sense of purpose though not knowing what exactly it is, then potentially fear of ostracism, ridicule or even martyrdom. Shooting Star will help you recognize why you are here, and help you to stand in your identity in the face of opposition, as well as feel more connected to the earthly realm and those you share it with.

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle

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