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Healing from Deep-Rooted Mother Issues

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Are you carrying emotional scars from your relationship with your mother?

From childhood experiences to inherited generational patterns, our limited edition Mother Wounds Essence offers a nurturing path to recovery and self-discovery. Specially formulated for those feeling the effects of early emotional pain, this essence aids in healing wounds connected to mother figures and enhances the ability to form secure, loving relationships.

Mother Wounds Bouquet Blend:

  • Specifically targets and heals emotional wounds stemming from relationships with mother figures.
  • Aids in improving relationships affected by early maternal interactions, promoting better understanding and empathy.
  • Encourages deep internal work to reconcile and nurture the inner child, leading to emotional maturity and stability.
  • Helps release past hurts and grievances related to maternal figures, fostering forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Strengthens self-reliance and emotional resilience by healing dependency and neediness created in maternal relationships.
  • Rebuilds self-esteem and a sense of worthiness that may have been undermined by critical or unsupportive maternal interactions.
  • Opens pathways to deeper emotional connections by resolving fears of commitment and vulnerability linked to maternal issues.

All the Flowers in the Bouquet:

  • Evening Primrose helps heal emotional pain absorbed from the mother in early childhood. It is especially recommended for those who were adopted or unplanned causing stress in utero. It's also indicated for being over-controlled by your mother, or used to boost her self-esteem (therefore you had to be a model student or whatever you needed to excel at) or to fulfill her ambitions. It opens the ability to form deep lasting relationships by dealing with issues of rejection, fear of commitment and parenthood, and difficulties dealing with sexual and emotional feelings. It promotes healing of early childhood trauma and helps users develop greater emotional intimacy with others.  
  • Mariposa Lily helps with the alienation from mothering instincts that occurs with trauma. This trauma can occur through either a modern and dehumanizing birthing process or from early childhood trauma involving one’s own mother and a lack of nurture. Mariposa Lily helps one heal the trauma and learn to self-nurture as well as receive comfort and warmth from others while tapping into their innate caregiving qualities for their own children or anyone in need of mothering.
  • Missouri Primrose reaches back to our childhood, helping us to reframe some of our circumstances. Many of us were told we would never amount to anything, or that we were any number of things that would impose limits on us.  Others may have grown up with an overall lack of love, abuse, strict religious teaching or other ways of ensuring we would have a battle over our worth. This sets us up to feel undeserving anytime good things come our way.  Beliefs that something bad is going to happen because things are too good come from this place, but Missouri Primrose is a master at reshaping all the childhood stuff, reinstating our worthiness and helping us learn to receive and to self-nurture. 
  • Rose Campion essence is a powerful ally for healing across generations. It enlightens us to our choices of what to receive from our bloodline, helping to end cycles of abuse, and heal wounds that have perpetuated through time. This essence opens the heart to release hurt and pain, cleansing and restoring the flow of love. It acts as a skeleton key, unlocking pathways of love and forgiveness between generations, and opening us up to myriad opportunities for healing and receiving. Engage in prayer, dreaming, visioning, to fully tap into your spiritual inheritance and embrace a flood of forgiving, expansive, and ever-replenishing love.
  • Arum Lily supports in harmonizing one’s masculine and feminine aspects, particularly healing for those who may have rejected parts of their femininity because of their relationship with their mother or primary maternal figure. It fosters acceptance and appreciation of one's complete self, encouraging a balanced embrace of both strength and nurturing qualities.
  • Chicory is for those who were especially deprived of love when they were growing up. Taking Chicory allows you to deal with your own emotional needs honestly and directly. Chicory helps you love deeply and completely without any strings attached. It brings a sense of security in all close relationships, and once those close to you feel the release, they too are free to love with no reservations. Chicory teaches about love; it calms neediness by revealing the source of unconditional love— and with that comes new-found security. 
  • Hyssop: Hyssop is crucial for those dealing with guilt, shame, or feelings of unworthiness. It helps to unwind the negative cycles of self-judgment and perfectionism, fostering a sense of acceptance and forgiveness towards oneself.

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