Chicory Flower Essence

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Chicory flower essence is for those who feel deprived of love. They love to be surrounded by those they care for and may tend to fuss over them. Chicory helps with abandonment issues and wounds from rejection that result in holding people so tightly that they pull away, creating a vicious cycle. Chicory helps you love deeply and completely without any strings attached. You're able to give generously to others whilst genuinely expecting nothing back. You keep healthy boundaries with others, allowing them to walk their own path. You fulfill your own needs and give from a sense of abundance. It brings a sense of security in all close relationships, and once those close to you feel the release, they too are free to love with no reservations. Chicory flower essence is indicated for children who demand attention and for children who are crying, clingy or throwing tantrums. Chicory teaches about love; it calms neediness by revealing the source of unconditional love— and with that comes new-found security. 

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle

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