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Break Free from Past Pain & Restore Identity

"I truly experienced an awakening to what parts of me had been in hiding and were indeed severely wounded.... I can now say that I am indeed a more fully whole and healed person." -L.H.

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This essence helps to bring about a resolution to buried emotional wounds which have caused the formation of soul splits or fragments and alters by bringing things to light.  It's action varies from "flushing the bushes" and bringing up a split in your soul that needs to be addressed, to spontaneous integration and healing. For this reason, working with someone trained in inner healing and reintegration may be needed.  (Resources below) You might also want to use it in tandem with my co-written book, Broken to Whole: Inner Healing For the Fragmented Soul. 

Fragments are pieces of your soul that have split off when you've had an incident that overwhelmed you and you didn't know how to cope at the time. This occurs to help you function normally in day to day life, until certain events that are  similar to the original trauma that caused the soul split can "trigger" you, causing what seems like an overreaction.  Everyone has experienced this.

Alters are a more extreme version of the above, they have their own distinct personality that sometimes comes to the forefront.  

When fragments and alters are healed, circumstances in your life will no longer cause those painful reactions.  You'll be able to respond to those types of situations in a healthy way.

Awareness usually surfaces through dreams, although traumatic memories can surface at any time.  These contain information you (and your healer if you're working with one) can use to put the pieces back together.  Dreams relating to specific events or emotions, dreams where you are talking to another you, dreams where you are trying to find the identity of a person who is with you, or a mysterious friend who you don't know in real life seem to be common occurrences.  

Fragment Finder contains essences of:

Echinacea helps transition from old traumatized self-image to the new, fully-integrated person. It maintains a protection around you while vulnerable weakened state, but doesn’t leave you there. Childhood traumas can shatter a person's core identity, causing you to dissociate or adopt a different persona to get through. Echinacea helps restore true identity and wholeness by releasing the old, especially for those who do not feel fully present.  

Arnica flower essence helps deal with emotions that get locked in the body after accidents, or violent experiences. Arnica is the remedy of choice for dissociative disorders, puzzling illnesses or autoimmune diseases that don't respond to other methods of treating the physical symptoms. Arnica is also helpful for use immediately after accidents, to release the shock held in the body's musculature, or it can be used as a release of old "set in" emotional or physical wounding.  

Black-eyed Susan is the classic anti-repressor. It is a powerful essence for unlocking areas of old trauma, or painful areas that we’ve walled off ourselves. Black-eyed Susan lends us the courage to go deep within and release those things, which have been trapped in our subconscious. This essence will bring light into the darkest areas, helping you to identify and shed hurts and burdens. 

Comfrey reverses the effects of old traumas that have caused a "shut down" effect in an attempt to protect the conscious mind. Its repair of the nervous system can bring about beneficial effects on memory and the ability to receive information through dreams and other avenues of spiritual awakening. May stimulate dormant or atrophied areas of the brain to become more active. 

Bittersweet's tendrils reach out in the spirit to pull in and grab hold of parts of us that have been lost or hiding in the shadows.  It imparts a courageousness to go deep into the dark places, facing our fears and nightmares to do a spiritual "jail break."  If you do any kind of journey work or spirit travel, Bittersweet is an ally in seeing in the dark, and will also help you "allow" these kinds of experiences to happen.  

Begonia is a deep heart healer that helps to mend the hurt areas that caused the soul to slpit in the first place.  It's a change agent for the subconscious mind, helping to reconcile the event via an older, more wise frame of reference.

Skullcap helps mend fences between parts, it eases those areas that you've not been able to fully accept about yourself and allows self-forgiveness and self-nurturing to happen.  

Marie Pavie Rose goes to very difficult to access places and helps parts of the soul in deep bondage to surface and heal. It instills a sense of peace amid the sometimes tumultuous emotional processing of old trauma. It enables you to hear your soul parts and fragments and help them to let go of toxic emotions. For SRA survivors, it breaks down energetic blocks and other high tech stuff used to keep alters from communicating with each other as well as the core personality. It facilitates more restful nights for those who tend to have spiritual battles when they need to be sleeping.

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

Your order comes with dosing instructions, here's how to use essences if you want to read up before your order arrives.  

Just a heads up: The following resources are all Christian-based
A short book with a simple self-healing exercise can be found here.   

Basics of Healing Parts/Fragments article here 

Healing sessions with people who specifically work with fragments are here.

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