Divine Gemstones Essence Kit

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This kit contains: 


Carnelian’s bold fire brings a rush of warmth, joy and energy. It anchors you in the here and now, stimulating creativity, motivation, concentration and endurance. Carnelian calms anger while tuning you in to unconditional Love. 


Mystic Fire Topaz is a breakthrough essence helping you with clarity, confidence and a stronger spiritual connection. It’s refining fire has a purifying effect on the heart, gently exposing anything in the way of growth and upward spiritual momentum.  Mystic Fire is also helpful for completion of projects combining action with a counterbalance of listening quietness.


Emerald ushers out any perceptions of lack, fear and frustration and strengthens your connection to the Divine and perfect love. It helps us see all things in life as gifts, and gives us the ability to see the positives in any situation. 


Blue Sapphire assists with clarity, intuition, self-expression and communication.  It can be used to open oneself up to receive heavenly messages as well as aiding to clarify the meaning of the messages received.  Further, it helps you communicate them in a way that is clear and benefits the recipients. Blue Sapphire can also remove and release blockages to spiritual growth and is good to help you stand your ground with others and speak your truth. 


Amethyst is multi-purpose healer for stress, tension, anger, anxiety and grief. It instills a sense of peace, calm and “unusual contentment” according to an early tester. Use before bed for rest, clarity of mind and problem solving in your dreams.


This would cost more than $120 if you were to buy all these essences individually.

All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here


Gemstones From Heaven book by Michael C. King

Learn about the origins of the gemstones these essences were made from. This was written before essences were in the works, there is no reference to them, but you'll get the background, and maybe a few gemstones of your own!

Are you ready to experience miracles? Do you want to see the impossible become possible? Join us on an exciting journey as we uncover the meaning behind a unique miracle happening around the globe--and how you can have this miracle too! Come see why gems are literally falling from heaven! As you read this book you will discover what God is saying and doing through this miracle, answer your questions, and how you can partner with Angels to have this happen for you! This book doesn't avoid the hard questions but takes them head-on in a no-holds-barred expose of the gemstone manifestation. The only thing you will wonder when you finish reading is "When will I find my first gem?" If you are hungry for a more meaningful spiritual experience or want to engage the supernatural, this book is for you! Here's what you will find in this book: Our Testimony: our family's personal story of how we started finding Gemstones from Heaven What is God Saying?: A look at God's plans and purposes for this miracle Discernment and Deception: Navigating the miracles with wisdom The Price of a Stone: What should we do with these jewels once we find them? Dealing with Feelings: What do we do if the miracle doesn't happen? Tasting the Fruit: stories from others How Can I Have This Happen?: Partnering in prayer with God and angels by faith. A special bonus chapter chronicling two unique manifestations of gems in Coeur D’Alene Idaho and Carolina, Puerto Rico

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