Rest Stone Divine Gem Essence

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Rest is about much more than a physical state of being. When you're at rest, you're often in a flow state. You're more creative, more perceptive, more in tune with the seasons and your environment. Many of us also need physical rest. The Rest Stone helps us relax and sleep, without worry or guilt about the time we're taking, as well as trust that we can slow down without things falling apart when we do. For adrenal fatigue sufferers who've been pushing hard through life, this essence can be a part of your overall health protocol since it seems to balance a driven personality and show us new ways of advancing that require less effort. 


This is a 1 fl oz. stock strength bottle that should last you at least a month. To learn more about the Divine Gem line, click hereNot available in South Africa. 


All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy as well as alternatives, click here.