Dill Flower Essence

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Dill helps with sensory processing or sensory overload. Our present culture tends to distract and over stimulate to the point where we have a type of spiritual ADD. There are retreats for this sort of thing, but the trick is to remain functional in a modern world where sights, sounds and smells come from everywhere all the time. The usual way of dealing is to become hardened so we don’t become overwhelmed, but what's needed is to refine and clarify so our senses become a vehicle for revelation. Dill helps put it all together, to discern the whole picture rather than a bunch of sensory impressions. 

1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle

Other Products Containing Dill Flower Essence

Dream Drops, because sometimes when your dream life is too fragmented to form anything coherent, sensory overload is indicated. Dill flower essence can free up your dreams from overload so they can be better used as means of revelation.

Yarrow Shield, because often highly sensitive people become overwhelmed in ways that Dill can help.

Peace for Pets, to help with sensitivity to loud noises or overly stimulating atmospheres.

New Home for pets, to help with oversensitivity to new environments and stimulil.