Rue Flower Essence

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Rue helps us identify deceptive and abusive behavior masquerading as good intentions. It replaces blind faith with true discernment involving those impacting our lives or well being. Rue helps us shake off gaslighting, brainwashing and other mind games and change the roles we play in the wake of narcissists, those in positions of authority and charismatic personalities with hidden motives. With Rue, we’re more able to see where our boundaries have been lax. Rue’s botanical name is Ruta and comes from the Greek word “reuo“ which means "to set free." Rue helps us see the truth about our relationships and leaders, and the truth sets us free.

1 oz stock strength bottle

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Powerhouse flower essence blend helps with personal empowerment, free thinking and healing victimization/victim mentality.

3rd Quarter Moon essence finds Rue supportive for those born during that phase. 



All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy, alternatives and ideas, click here.