DIY Combo Flower Essence (Up to 7 individual essences in a blend)

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Custom blends are a great way to get exactly what you need. If you find yourself needing several Bouquet Blends to meet your needs then a custom is a great way to target the issues you want to work on without having to buy a ton of individual flower essences.

If you're not new to flower essences and already know what individual flower essences you want, this is the place to order. Just put up to 7 individual flower essences in the order form and we'll mix it up for you. If you name essences we do not sell, or name blends instead of individual essences they will be omitted from your combo or your order will be cancelled and refunded. If selecting less than 7, enter N/A for the other individual essences. 

If you aren't sure what individual flower essences you need or want to talk about the ones you think you'd like, then go here to order a custom combo consultation with Seneca that includes the essence blend as well as the consultation.

This DIY combo listing is only for the essence blend you tell us to make, it does not include consultation with Seneca.