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Autumn Renewal is a limited edition essence that helps us take in all the aspects of the fall season as our journey mirrors the trees example of letting go of the old, and establishing deeper roots to prepare for a new season of growth and fruitfulness. This essence helps us to go inward with introspection, self-work, dealing with our root issues, while looking at how things need to change. We'll be getting rid of what doesn't serve us, and giving ourselves the space to make big shifts for next year. As the famous quote goes "The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go." 

The essence is free with a $75 USD+ order. It will automatically add to your cart once you spend that amount as long as we still have it in stock. If you manually add it you will be ordering a paid essence too. In some rare instances, it may increase your shipping cost if you go over the weight threshold. You're welcome to kick it out of your cart. 

This is a limited time essence - once we're out, we're out.

Flowers used:

White Chestnut helps us let go of cyclical and unwanted thoughts and ruminations. It enables us to get into a quiet space to meditate, hear God, rest, or whichever endeavor is best for you when your mind isn't running 90 miles an hour. White Chestnut instills calm and peace by allowing the mind to choose between thoughts that are good and those that should be rejected, closing off the mental replays that are not in our best interest. 

Teasel gives you the good sense to live and work in the way that you’re called to. Often when you’re working in the wrong field, or in the right field but the wrong way, your energy isn’t being restored. Teasel helps find the place that resonates with your spirit. Sometimes when taking Teasel, a person may become solitary or withdrawn. This is all part of the process. It's a place of restoration and reflection of how to change situations, relationships and your behavior to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Purple Archangel is all about getting things in order. It's a clarifier of the complex, aids in understanding and decisive action, and simplifies and grounds those who are stuck in chaos. Good for those dealing with creative blocks, those who are trying to get organized, clean house, or those who feel worn out by work or excess activity. Helps those going in a hundred directions at once and feeling the need to decipher what is worthwhile and what is not.

Prickly Pear flower essence helps lessen emotional reactivity toward change. It brings an ease where we have been trying to control all outcomes by helping us relax and realize that our best path through is surrender. It also helps us focus on the resources at our disposal instead of what we don't have. For that reason it's perfect for people who tend to over buy, over eat, or otherwise over-resource themselves in times of uncertainty or confusion.

Black-eyed Susan goes down to the roots and gets at our issues that are under the surface. It lends us the courage to go deep within and release those things, which have been trapped in our subconscious. This essence will bring light into the darkest areas, helping you to identify and shed hurts and burdens. 

Identities shift around this time, and new opportunities often arise. Missouri Primrose is for those who have trouble receiving the good in life because of negative emotions (guilt, self-sabotage or sense of unworthiness, etc.). Things like love and friendships don't just happen; you have to be open to them and believe they’re your right. Missouri Primrose can reach back to your childhood where your sense of self-worth was shaped and help you let go of ideas that indicate you aren’t deserving.

Violet helps us find the method and balance of productive downtime vs unleashing our gifts on the world. There are things that can only be developed within us if we have solitude and space to do deep and private work. Violets put out the showy “ta da!” flower that we all love, but it has few if any seeds. The real reproduction goes on beneath the leaf canopy, with unseen and petal-less flowers full of seeds. It's similar to the "overnight success" of whom you didn't witness the hours in the practice room, or whatever they had to do to get to be where they are. Violet helps you protect those areas of your life that are necessary for you to arrive at your destiny.