Adapt Flower Essence (Limited Edition)


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Adapt helps us cope with change better, and be less bothered by the things we didn't choose to deal with, yet we have to face anyway. Right now, we are in a situation of having to find new ways to do everything from home, and ways of restructuring our activities. It's a time of rethinking everything. This is a 1 oz bottle that will last at least a month.

Adapt may help with:

  • going with the flow
  • seeing the resources you have, instead of the lack
  • being positive in the midst of upheavel
  • regrouping quickly to move forward in a new way
  • letting go of perceptions of how things must be
  • overbuying or overeating as a coping strategy
  • seeing opportunities that others don't

Solomon’s Seal helps you relinquish control and attachment to outcomes so you can go with the flow. It helps you move through disappointment and frustration quickly so you can refocus and adjust your way of doing things. It helps you learn from mistakes, adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and work effectively with things outside your control. 

Thimbleberry – “Que sera sera”, Thimbleberry supports an easy going, "look on the bright side" mentality and gives you the ability to be unfazed by difficult circumstances. Thimbleberry supports a detachment to imagined outcomes, with the philosophy that everything ultimately works out for the best. Increased awareness of angelic activity adds to the confidence that the details are being taken care of. It lets you flow through life with positivity, joy and gratitude.

Apricot essence helps us step into new seasons in our lives as if we were born ready. It can also help you to be sensitive to the subtle clues that everything is about to change, and how to best position yourself to be the first to reap the rewards. Use Apricot anytime you sense being in transition, especially if you’re feeling apprehensive.

Aurinia - commonly called "Basket of Gold," is a helper for you to see the raw materials around you, the abundance and what can be repurposed to fill your needs. It instills a deep security and trust that you are taken care of, and that you have already been given everything you necessary to succeed in the place you're called. 

Prickly Pear flower essence helps lessen emotional reactivity toward change. It brings an ease where we make have been trying to control all outcomes by helping us relax and realize that our best path through is surrender. Similar to Aurinia, it helps us focus on the resources at our disposal instead of what we don't have. For that reason it's perfect for people who tend to over buy, over eat, or otherwise over-resource themselves in times of uncertainty or confusion. 



This is a limited time essence - once we're out, we're out.