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We haven't been able to kick winter here and the grey days are weighing on everyone, so I decided we needed a happy spring blend inspired by some particular lyrics. It helps to let the light in, and let it shine through you, and get your dreaming in sync with your doing. This one is available for a limited time only, when it's gone it's gone. It will automatically add to your cart if your total is at least $75 USD, if you manually add it to your cart you will be getting two of them assuming supplies last. 

St. John’s Wort has to do with light in every sense. We use this on people who are sensitive to light, who are afraid of the dark, and who are deprived of light such as in S.A.D or graveyard workers. Saint John's not only deals with external physical light, but brings light inward illuminating your soul.

Parrot Tulip flower essence brings about an upbeat positive mood, brimming with get-it-done energy. It helps you find humor and optimism everywhere and enhances social situations. If you're an introvert that has to be around a bunch of people, this will help you "extrovert" temporarily. If you have to navigate difficult personalities, Parrot Tulip will help you maintain a good attitude and shrug off the naysayers.

Aurinia our harbinger of spring commonly called "Basket of Gold," is a helper for you to see the raw materials around you, the abundance and what can be repurposed to fit your needs. Dreams, visions and other avenues of spiritual awareness help to build a resolve of boldness and fearlessness. It instills a deep security and trust that you are taken care of, and that you have already been given everything necessary to succeed in the place you're called.

Buttercup helps you let your little light shine. It brings a greater confidence in your unique gifts and abilities. Buttercup inspires you not to judge yourself based on conventional ideas of achievement, or by comparing yourself to others, but to realize your worth based on who you are, not your outward recognition.

Potato helps the daydreamer balance the dreaming and the doing. It's grounding and helpful for making sense of new or abstract concepts so you can integrate the information into your everyday life. With Potato, the phrase "so heavenly-minded you're no earthly good" comes to mind. The truth is being heavenly- minded makes you a lot of earthly good, but only if you can bring it down to earth in a practical manner. Potato helps you hold on to those insights and act accordingly.

Love Rose helps you shift with time, seasons, and manage spiritual jet lag. It also helps users to allow others space to think, believe and have differences without a need to "be on the same page" or control the other person. It helps with accepting what can't be changed, not getting eaten up by disagreements, allowing other people to think what they want. "Bloomin like a red rose..."

Lungwort - exhale the old, breath in the new. Lungwort helps where there are emotional components to certain energetic blockages causing physical symptoms relating to the heart, head or stomach. It is useful for many types of breathing difficulties when there is stress, fear or repression of emotions underlying the physical symptoms.  It is a valuable counterpart to breathing therapies and synchs energy flow into with breath. 


Positive energy is contagious, so shift your atmosphere with all the light and freedom in these flowers!


We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.

All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy as well as alternatives, click here.