Rosemary Flower Essence

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Rosemary is an aid where traumatizing situations have caused a disconnect from the physical realm.  For those who don’t feel entirely present or in tune with their bodies, Rosemary can bring about a greater healing and sense of safety for soul and spirit to inhabit it’s earthly temple. Forgetfulness, spending a lot of time out-of-body and hypoglycemic tendencies may be indicators of old trauma that has convinced you that it’s not safe to be in the here and now. Rosemary is known as the “herb of remembrance” and it calls you to remember that you are a spirit and soul that has a physical body. I can’t let the re-member pun go by either, as it helps your reacquaint with every member of your body. Some say Rosemary has a social aspect as well, helping you to reintegrate into your place as a member of a society, network or community.


1 fluid ounce stock strength bottle

Other Products Containing Rosemary Flower Essence

Healthy Intimacy flower essence blend has Rosemary for those who "check out" during intimate moments, most likely because of old trauma or habits that's convinced you that the best way to naviate the circumstances is to mentally or emotionally separate from them. Other flowers in Healthy Intimacy support healing from sexual and relational issues due to past trauma, generational trauma, and conditioned beliefs concerning sex and love.

All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here