$5 back* when you submit your experiences using a research essence!

Essences listed here are still in the research stages meaning we make no claims as to what they do. They are mysteries! If you would like to try them, please report back with your experience. In some listings, we have posted preliminary ideas about what they might do. Take those with a huge grain of salt! They are hunches, clues we've observed from the Doctrine of Signatures (read the blog if you insist on knowing about this) or the feedback from too few people to hang our hat on.  

*The $5 reward for feedback comes as store credit. To be eligible to receive it, you'll need to have a store account (create one at checkout) so that we have a place to put your money. You'll also need to free up a few days of not taking any other essences to have a good, clear test period. If you have allowed us to email you, we'll send you an invitation to share your experiences on a google form, which is also linked on the product pages if you are not getting emails/allowing us to send them. You can also just journal and send that. We'll look it over and if we feel you gave it a fair trial, we'll credit your account within 1-2 business days. We reserve the right to determine what is or isn't usable feedback.