Motherwort Flower Essence

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Motherwort flower essence helps you set appropriate boundaries with other people.  For those who have trouble saying "no," those who attract abusive personalities, or are harsh with others in the process of standing firm, Motherwort helps find a balance between acquiescence and being overly rigid in holding ground.  

There's an aspect of Motherwort that addresses the tendency to take care of matters for other people at one's own expense.  It helps you to pull back a bit for simultaneous self-nurturing but also for the other individual to take some steps on their own. 

Another side of Motherwort addresses our own childhood emotional development.  When we grow up in atmospheres that lacked nurturing, there are aspects of us that pull back and fail to develop as they should. We put on a more hardened persona that has an expectation of being used or mistreated, which can lead to many relational problems as we grow into adulthood.  Motherwort helps us let go of the hardened attitudes and respond appropriately in new situations.

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