Make Your Own Luck (Limited Edition)


Craft your Destiny: Unlock Intuition & Break Barriers

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Step into a world where luck is crafted, not found—a place where every leaf of clover whispers secrets of intuition and every petal of wild rose reignites the passion for life. Introducing our "Make Your Own Luck" blend, a concoction as magical as the leprechaun's promise and as rich as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Crafted for the season of green and the heart of change, this blend is your ticket to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Clover Essence: Like finding a four-leaf clover in a field of threes, this essence doesn't leave your fate to the wind. It sharpens your mind, clears your path, and tunes you into the whispers of intuition, guiding you to your own pot of gold.

Absinthe Essence: Break free from the chains of past disappointments and negative patterns that cloud your sky. This essence acts as your rainbow after the storm, clearing the way for sunnier days ☀️ and brighter opportunities.

Apricot Essence: Embrace the new chapters of life with the readiness of a seasoned adventurer. This essence enhances your awareness to the subtle signs of change, leading you to the rewards that await.

Aurinia Essence: Discover the true wealth that surrounds you, the abundance that lies in plain sight. Aurinia teaches you to see and seize these opportunities, making your own luck by recognizing and utilizing the resources at your fingertips ✨.

Blackberry Essence: For the dreamers with galaxies of ideas waiting to take form, this essence is your star map. It empowers you to navigate through obstacles with the determination of blackberry vines, turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

Missouri Primrose Essence: Open your heart to the abundance of life, shedding the shadows of guilt and self-doubt ❤️. This essence delves deep, illuminating and releasing old beliefs that have dimmed your light, making room for success and love to flourish.

Wild Rose Essence: Revitalize your spirit from the grips of apathy. Wild Rose stirs a renewed zeal for life, encouraging you to actively shape your destiny, proving that the best luck is the kind you make for yourself.


This St. Patrick's Day and beyond, don't just chase luck—create it. Our "Make Your Own Luck" blend is more than an essence; it's a declaration that the key to fortune lies within. Let each drop be a step on the journey to discovering your power, a celebration of the dynamism you hold to change your world. Here's to making your own luck, where every day is a chance to dance with destiny under the emerald sky. Unlike the luck you can create, this offer is fleeting. Get it now since it won't be around for long!

We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.

All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy as well as alternatives, click here.