Macular Degeneration Support Bioessence


Nurture Your Sight

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Our Macular Degeneration blend has flower essences of

  • Clove Currant,
  • Wild Rose- beneficial for emotional healing and bringing a positive outlook
  • Skullcap- helps with early trauma, allows self-forgiveness and self nurturing.
  • Borageis excellent to lift heavy hearts and encourage the user. 
  • Bee Balmgives you something to look forward to while being able to enjoy the moment you’re in. 

Specific hertz frequencies for eye health. Next we added the following frequencies of these nutrients, herbs and essential oils: Zinc, Vitamin C, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, Carotenoids complex, Astaxanthin, Vitamin E, Ginkgo, Bilberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Helichrysum essential oil, and Frankincense essential oil.

This is a 1 oz bottle that should last about a month of daily dosing.
We recommend taking no more than one blend at a time. Here's why and some possible work arounds.
All of our essences are made with brandy as the preservative. You can read more on why we use brandy here

Your order comes with dosing instructions, here's how to use essences if you want to read up before your order arrives. 

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