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Flower Essence Reviews



"I bought a bottle of essences from you last week and to my surprise they are working very well. It took a few days of getting them into my system before I noticed definite, but not jarring, results. Your idea of slowing sipping water infused with the essences seems to work particularly well. Great product."

Bryan M.

I'm a long time customer and have great faith in Seneca's recommendations. I have a 12 year old Pomeranian and an 8 year old Papillon. Both came to me later in life and of course with issues. The Pom is a DIVA while my Papillon is empathic and thinks if he senses anger that he has caused it. He picks up on my frustration toward my roommate. Recently, we ran out of Yarrow Shield for him and we could really see the difference. He runs from me and barks whenever I move around in the house. When he takes the Yarrow Shield all those issues subside. I did not get Henry and Terra at the same time, I had to wait for Terra to get over the death of her original owner. Seneca helped me with this transition for Terra and she was right on it with what essences she needed. She is not as "needy" now that Henry is in the picture and deals with separation much better. Even though she is still a DIVA she enjoys Henry's company, of course there is no question as to who is alpha. I made sure of that when I chose him as her mate.  -KMAC

When I connected with you, I was in such a deep place of sadness. When I received those amazing flower essences it carried me through to a much needed breakthrough.  Sometimes when you get breakthrough in an area its a battle, and other times its just a little hump. In this case, it was a battle! I felt as though something was trying to take a toll on my marriage, my identity and any forward motion to what God was calling me to. The pain and disapproval connected to the mistakes of my past, continually came up. It was the emotions that were connected to those past events that tortured me. I wondered how I  could handle the pain of past mistakes? I carried the shame, but because I partnered with it, the torment had free ground in my life and it made a home there. Crazy weird I know... but then I started the flower essences.

When taking the drops I would wake up, start my morning and thoughts and emotions of hopelessness would return. I instantly remembered to ask myself if I had taken the drops?? The answer would be no.  When I would go back and take the drops, my day would be great. I had energy and was happy. When the negative thoughts and lies tried to creep back, I could instantly say no! I had a new found ability to take authority and would instantly do so. It was like God used the Freedom Flower Essences to retrain my emotions and to take every thought captive.

At the end of 30 days I was a little nervous. I wasn't sure if my breakthrough was secure. A few weeks went by with normal activity. I was feeling fine with no tormenting thoughts.  I just felt good and rested! Suddenly, it was like a bomb dropped and I had an overwhelming feeling of needing to give. It was like God filled me up with so much love and joy that I was going to explode!  It was a crazy breakthrough of Joy! Unspeakable joy like I had never experienced. I now feel more authority, I hear God more clearly, and walk with a greater understanding of my call.

The Father showed me the root issue of where these emotions stemmed from. It was like He was teaching me how to separate the lies from the truth, and He used the flower essences to do it. My emotions were keeping me from hearing and receiving the truth so I could receive heaven's perspective. I learned that my emotions can be a trap that keep me from connecting to God. So now, I can recognize the negative emotion or a lie that keeps me from my God connection!  Thank you for the essence that brought truth to my emotional being! -Larina Read
I met the wise and lovely Seneca at a workshop our Aglow Lighthouse hosted in Mount Shasta in January. What a humble, loving, quick-witted soul sister.

She created a custom blend for me to alleviate raging menopausal symptoms, as all the oft-prescribed vitamins, herbs and tinctures had failed to help. Some even worsened the nastiness. Miserable doesn't begin to define the day-to-day, let alone night to blanket-flinging, sleepless night.

Within the first week I noticed better rest (able to fall asleep in-between the hot flashes, which had also lessened) breast tenderness and lumps gone, noticeable cognitive improvement, stabilized mood and uplifted outlook.
After a month I felt more hormonally balanced than in ages. From FLOWERS. FLOWERS! Those life-giving beauties we grow, snip, sniff, arrange, and paint. Flowers have unique vibrational signatures that facilitate healing! "All things bright and beautiful," indeed.

Interestingly, one of the flowers she chose for my custom-blend was "self-heal," and soon a pressing set of unrelated-to-menopause symptoms I'd ignored, (or grown so accustomed to they didn't prompt action) presented with the helpful clarity of unbearable pain! In the process right now of Physician-ordered testing, and comforted by these surprisingly powerful flower essences.

Additionally, I've also alternated between the Good Grief and Crisis Care blends to assist with a range of stressful, challenging life-changes, including pending empty-nest.

So a big thank you to our awesome Creator Jesus, and His pioneering, petal-pushing Daughter.
-Ruthmarie Runnels

October 29, 2012
Thank you Freedom Flowers for my Recovery drops! Since the accident back in June of this year (2012) I have had very little energy and been somewhat depressed. The pain I was suffering from in my broken and impacted left wrist was keeping me on edge most of the time. It was a constant ache and reminder that it had little range of motion or strength left.

After you sent the Recovery remedy, I began to take them right away. I used 3 drops several times a day in a glass of water (still do) and after a couple of weeks, I began to feel more positive. It was amazing really! It was subtle, yet I knew something was different. I began to feel more positive about the physical therapy for my wrist, and was happier doing it with a hope of improvement.

Not only has my attitude and frame of mind changed, but I am seeing very positive results in physical therapy. I feel that the wrist is responding more quickly. I know it sounds strange, but it feels as though the wrist is working with me now, instead of resisting the therapy. I feel that I am moving toward greater and more extensive improvement. I am feeling a sense of well-being again. Thank you!!! Melody Paasch

My mother in law wanted me to thank you for her. She got in a 3 week old kitten that was too weak to even hold up its head and covered in so many fleas you couldn’t even tell what color it was.  All she could get down it was about 2 or 3 drops of formula at a time. She started mixing the Crisis Care in with the formula and within 2 days the kitten was up and moving around on its own. She swears that the only thing that saved that baby was your stuff. She sends a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!  -Michelle Hill  Rochester IN

Thanks for being so great! I got it yesterday when I got home. I love the bottle and not sure if its in my head but I started taking the drops yesterday and I already feel it working for me
thanks so much! I will be back to order from you again
have a great day

"I got in a blue crown conure that is at least 20 yrs old (she was wild caught so her exact age is questionable), blind in one eye, and has horrible fat deposits all over her poor body from a bad diet. She had just lost her mate of over 10 yrs and the people no longer wanted her.
You could tell right away that she’s had a long rough life. I immediately put her in a clean cage with fresh food and water. I left her alone for a few hrs to see how she would respond to her new surroundings. 
I came back in a few hrs later only to find her sitting at the bottom of the cage and barely moving.
Well, my first thought was to grab the Crisis Care essence. I didn’t want to have to try to take her back out of her cage and risk stressing her more so putting it in her beak was out of the question. Not knowing how she would react to a spray bottle I decided not to go that route either. So what did I do? I took the eye dropper, held it above her head, and let a few drops hit her on the back of the neck. Not knowing if this was going to help I decided to give her a few hrs more before I checked back on her.
Guess what? I went back in and checked on her an hr later and she was digging into her food cup! I think the shock of loosing her mate and changing homes combined with her age and poor health must have put her into shock. I’m sure the Crisis Care essence is the only thing that saved her.
I put more drops on her before I left for the night and then 2x’s yesterday. This morning I added it to a spray bottle and misted her with it. She loved it. I’ve also been putting the Recovery formula into her water. Any thing you think I should be doing different? I’m still learning this stuff so any input is a great help!
Thanks again for my order! I love, love, love working with you!"  -MH

I've been using Seneca's Freedom Flowers for quite a few months now and can honestly say that I can see improvement in the issues for which I'm taking them.  All in all, it was a subtle yet noticeable difference in my attitude and the way I handle things.  I handle stress much better and am able to really be a better person all around. It's a natural way to help you cope, feel better and just be happier. -Mari Mort

"My friend’s dog just had puppies about 6 weeks ago. She developed a bad skin infection on top of nursing puppies. The vet gave her antibiotics last week but the dog kept getting worse. As of yesterday she had lost all the hair on her back end. My friend said her skin was so red that it looked like someone had taken a blow torch to her. I gave her some of my Crisis Care to try first. I thought maybe it would jump start things. She just came in and asked what I had done to her dog. She said her dog dove into her water bowl and downed the whole thing. This morning she said almost all of the red was gone except for one small pink spot!" -Michelle Hill

"You have such awesome products! You have no idea how much your blends
have helped me with my birds with everything from saving birds lives,
improving their health, and numerous behavior problems. I can't wait until I
can carry a full line of your products!"  - Feather Fanatics

When our pit bull was attacked by the neighbor's hound he had a handful of pretty deep puncture wounds on his back leg/butt. After we went to the vet and got his wounds cleaned and sent home with antibiotics, I also bought some Triple S (Super Skin Stuff) and some drops to put in the pet water bowl to help calm all of them (his ego took a big hit, too). Both remedies seemed to work great and his wounds are healing surprisingly quickly. Just 3 weeks later deep puncture wounds are scabbed over and almost completely healed. Super affordable and I think also really effective.  -April

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