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Flower essence consultations

I can help you access what you need and make you a custom essence blend.  This can be via phone or email, I'll listen and jot down some flowers I think are relevant, and then shoot them to you in an email for final approval.  You then look them over and if anything seems off, or not quite you, I'll adjust.  

To get this process started, order a Custom Combo and I'll be in touch!

Splankna Therapy

This is a mind-body procedure for alleviating past trauma.  Splankna combines Thought Field Therapy, EMDR and Neuro-Emotional Technique along with prayer for healing.  It is Christian-based, although you need not be one to benefit.  You can find more info about Splankna here.  

For Splankna, I will need you here (Kooskia ID) in person.  My rate is $50 per hour with a two hour minimum booking time.  If you are traveling to get here, you can book me for a Saturday and we'll get as much done as we both can handle.  If you're interested in this, fill out the form below.


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