Source Connection Essence (Free with 75 USD+ orders)


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Deepen your spiritual connection! Now is a great time of the year to work on it, so we're doing this limited edition blend that is beneficial for anybody and everybody. 


Source Connection is a blend of: 

Angelica flower essence helps us strengthen that connection between heaven and earth. It's strongly grounded, and also sends its tall strong stocks skyward. The latin name Angelica Archangelica doubly cements its angelic connection, and even the flowers are orbs!  Angelica can help you tune into the angelic realm, but it also removes any notions or hang-ups we might have that tell us we need an intermediary between us and God. If we have set someone or some religious system as a substitution for a direct line of communication, Angelica shows us how we’ve done so and that this is unnecessary. 

Aurinia instills a deep security and trust that you are taken care of and that you have already been given everything necessary to succeed in the place you're called. Dreams, visions and other avenues of spiritual awareness help to build a resolve of boldness and fearlessness. 

California Poppy helps you tune into your true spiritual path. It helps navigate between false spiritual experiences and man-made religious systems/spiritual abuse to find a genuine connection from within your own heart. It also helps with the compulsion to buy new things, gamble, feed addictions, or other attempts to fill a hole. California Poppy helps inner development so you can move into advanced states of spiritual experience without the influence of predatory systems.  

Emerald ushers out any perceptions of lack, fear and frustration and strengthens your connection to the Divine and perfect love. It helps us see all things in life as gifts, and gives us the ability to see the positives in any situation. This emerald essence was made from a supernaturally manifested gemstone.

The essence is free with a $75 USD+ order. It will automatically add to your cart once you spend that amount as long as we still have it in stock. If you manually add it you will be ordering a paid essence too. In some rare instances, it may increase your shipping cost if you go over the weight threshold. You're welcome to kick it out of your cart. 

Again, this is a limited time essence - once we're out, we're out.

This is a 1 fl oz bottle that should last you at least a month.


All of our essences use brandy as a preservative. For more information regarding the brandy and alternatives, click here.