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Travel Size Bouquet Blends

Travel size bouquet blends. This is a 1 dram or 1/8 oz dropper bottle which will last you around a week. Use the Dropdown menu to select. Fits perfectly in our travel essence cases.    Align Flower Essence helps those who are dealing with...

Flower Essence Starter Gift Set

  Everything you need to get started with flower essences. Gift set includes: Travel Case for 3 travel size bottles 3 Travel Size Flower Essences Flower Power book Flower Essences Choose From: Align Flower Essence helps those who are...

Divine Gemstones Essence Kit

This kit contains 5 gem essences, your choice of:  Carnelian’s bold fire brings a rush of warmth, joy and energy. It anchors you in the here and now, stimulating creativity, motivation, concentration and endurance. Carnelian calms anger...

Body Coaching Weight Loss Program

What if you didn't have to diet to lose weight? What if you did away with low-carb, low fat, low "everything" and actually ate like a normal person? What if in the process, you made peace with your body, with food, and did some deep healing in addition...

Flower Essence Travel Case

$8.00 - $10.00
  Want to take your essences with you on the go? Or need an easy way to give the gift of flower essences? -Travel cases can hold 3-5 sample size bottles. The 5 count is an extra $2. -You can order travel sizes of the bouquet blends to fill...

New Moon Phase Essence

The Idea Generator People born during a new moon live in the moment and get things started. They are catalysts for change, always drawing on their own immense energy, creativity, and intuition. "New" is key for them, new experiences, new opportunities,...

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase Essence

The Compassionate Truth Seeker People born during the waxing gibbous phase love to learn, investigate and scrutinize. Youngsters are the ones trailing around asking "why," and all ages question what they've always been told but never shown or proven...

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase Essence

The Unconventional Thought Leader Individuals born during a waning gibbous moon phase have got a message to get out and they are natural communicators. They tend to feel that they are "old souls" and are adept at mining their experiences for gold and...

Waning Crescent Moon Phase Essence

The Mystic Revolutionary Individuals born during a waning crescent walk between worlds, the physical and the spiritual. They are visionaries and forerunners, built to transform the culture rather than become one with it. They are at their best when...

"Pick Flowers, Not Fights" Scoopneck Fitted T-Shirt (8 colors)

$21.00 - $23.00
This adorable tee is so soft and light that you'll want to wear it again and again and flatters curvy figures. It's classic and stylish at the same time. Comes pre-shrunk to ensure a constant size over time and multiple washes, and we recommend you wash...